592 Karlie Montana

593 Jasmin

594 Randy Moore

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

This video will be of special interest to those who have requested some older women. Though Jasmin is not "old" she does have a more mature look yet she still has the fantastic figure from younger days. The audio in this collection is sometimes dominated by the sound of thunder as we shot this on a stormy day.

Scene 1

Just Turned Flirty. 10:33

Jasmin's legs might grab your attention as she sits with her dress so short that you see her pretty lacy panties up her dress. There's some very nice leg tease with teasing glimpses of her panties as well as nice poses lying on her side and bending over. There is virtually no full bottomless nudity in this clip but it is full of very sexy teasing with attention to the legs and panties.

Thunder from Down Under. 9:35

With Jasmin now fully nude we turn the attention to more deliberate admiration of her bare pussy and ass. Her bend over posing is really nice with excellent views up her spread ass. Though most of the clip has her bending over with her ass up there are also some nice poses with the legs in the air and also lying on her side.

Dink your Milf. 11:45

Jasmin masturbates to the sounds of thunder using her pink rubber dildo. There's a few different positions including legs up and bending over, though the better portion of it has her ass off the edge of the chair with her sexy butt cheeks dangling in mid air. The latter position gives a great view up her entire undercarriage with some excellent penetrating action. You can see a little gob of pussy juice seeping from her vagina after she takes the dildo out. There's a little bit of pussy spreading at the end.

Take Pried in good Cervix. 9:10

Jasmin's speculum scene displays her super tidy vagina with all surfaces smooth and glistening and only a small red spot at the tip of her cervix. Her position lying on her side is especially curvy. She later turns to doggy style with her butt squirming in the air and her vagina gaping wide open. After the speculum comes out we start again this time with the speculum in her pussy sideways giving a clear view of the upper and lower vagina walls. She dabbles her finger up her ass at the same time making her lower vagina wall bulge with the finger motion.