593 Jasmin

594 Randy Moore

595 Ashley Jane

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Red Alert. 13:03

Randy looks pretty racy in her hot red bikini with matching high heel shoes. She takes her time leisurely teasing with some nice butt spreading and jiggling. Her bend over posing on top of the chair beautifully displays the admirable form of her underside. She briefly humps the arm of the chair before starting to strip off her bikini. With the bikini off at the end there's an excellent little segment of bare ass spreading.

Open the Curtains. 5:31

Now fully nude Randy returns to her best position bending over with her ass up showing off her beautiful ass crack and huge pussy lips. She briefly humps the chair arm once again before turning onto her back with her legs in the air. She shows off her big pussy lips by squeezing them together into a big pussy lip sandwich and then pulling them apart gripping her large hanging inner lips.

Make a Speck Dickle. 14:09

After a brief bit of spreading while lying on her side Randy then gets busy with a speckley rubber dildo. The action is maybe a bit lacking in passion though the insertion is quite nice with the dildo easily sinking all the way into her pussy up to it's base. She has a really nice position with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch giving a great view up all of her most important places. Half way through she changes to a bend over position though she loses some momentum with this for a little while. The bare ass bend over view at the end after she is finished with the dildo is especially nice.

Get Moore Wet. 7:21

Considering how good Randy looks bending over we had her get in the pool to show off her ass bending over while glistening wet. The overhead angle gives a very nice perspective on her lovely curves enhancing the wide roundness of her ass flowing out from her small waist. She does some really nice bend over ass spreading while you gaze straight up her pussy and ass crack from behind.