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592 Karlie Montana

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Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Karlie has the gift of an entertaining personality combined with arguably the most amazing figure of any model on the site.

Scene 1

Star Trek. 9:00

If you like watching the perfect female body in motion you must not miss this clip. She may seem a little serious at first but it's not long before her mischievous and cheerful personality breaks through just a little. Karlie repeatedly walks up and down a long walkway through the modern courtyard first with her tight mini skirt and colour coordinated top and panties and later naked beside the pool. Though we love rear views it is in fact the naked front side view where you really see her astoundingly spectacular figure.

Urine Denial. 8:27

Karlie gives a long dialogue of commentary as she struggles to get a pee out. Ordinarily we might not show most of this footage except that her very entertaining commentary totally saves the scene. She eventually manages a little dribble of pee though the peeing is not the main attraction here as it's more about the personality plus a little bit more walking as she takes a quick stroll between trying to pee. The brisk walk here is actually even more sexy and entertaining than in the previous clip as she really gets her curves moving with a fantastic wiggle.

Scene 2

The Perfect Panty Dote. 6:27

Now indoors Karlie does a beautiful little strip tease with some sexy commentary and lots of focus on her beautiful scrunchy butt panties. It is the ideal combination of silky form fitting panties on a spectacular ass. In the latter portions the panties come down around her thighs letting you gaze up one of the most shapely asses on the site with some nice jiggles and a revealing bend over postion.

Circuit Training. ITC Favorite 4:37

Karlie displays her considerable muscle control alternately flexing her buttocks, anus, vagina and clitoris. Amazingly she can flex her anus and clitoris completely independent of one another. She does this while squatting backwards on the couch with her ass hovering out over the edge of the couch. Later she turns around to a crab walk position with her pussy and ass squirming around in front of your face. Her personality is also quite charming here.

You gotta Douche it Right. 0:58

Karlie gives us some instruction on how to douche a pussy. She's doesn't actually douche in this clip and it's not very explicit but it is highly entertaining as she hams it up with a rather humorous demonstration.

Just for Funnel. 1:58

Karlie puts the clear plastic tube up her pussy with the intention of giving a view up her vagina. However the close up inside view didn't work this time since her pussy was so hot and steamy it instantly fog up the camera lens. In spite of the missing close up view this clip is still very entertaining with Karlie playfully joking around and making witty comments.

Dink in Stink. ITC Favorite 8:05

Karlie makes one of her very rare anal appearances here with a small rubber dildo in her ass. The first half is all playfulness with lots of joking around and some ass wagging with the toy flapping in the air like a tail. Later the mood becomes more sensual with some outstanding close up ass crack views as she dabbles the toy in her anus and flexes her anus in and out. We get a really intimate and detailed look at her anus in between all the dabbling. The mid range views show the spectacular curves in her underside while she enjoys the slow dabbling in her anus.