590 Sandra Rodriguez

591 Jinx Maze

592 Karlie Montana

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

The Bathroom's in Derrière. 12:25

With Jinx standing in front of the mirror the first thing you will notice is how her big voluptuous rear fills out her tight little jean shorts. Her colour coordination is impressive as her nicely manicured nails are a perfect match to her panties. Soon after her panties come down she gapes her ass hole and winks it at you. She spends quite a bit of time wagging her ass and wobbling it in your face. Later on the edge of the bath tub she strikes a few nice poses to show off her voluptuous curves while lying on her side and bending over doggy style.

Foot Long Sub. 2:59

This little interlude turns the focus to her sexy shoes and nicely painted toes nails. The shoes come off fairly soon and she wiggles her toes around before putting her feet in the bath water.

Hangover the Goods. 1:31

Jinx has the perfect position to show off her big butt as she sits backwards on the edge of the bath tub with her butt hanging right out over the edge. You go right underneath to gaze up her ass as it hovers in mid air. The only thing wrong with this is it's maybe a bit too brief.

The Full Ass of her Soaker Tease. 8:38

Jinx gets in the bath and plays around with the soap suds for a short while before getting into showing off her big glistening wet ass. She has a beautiful ass wobble while bending over with a few soap suds lightly coating her ass. She then goes right down on her front and floats her ass up and down in the water line. There's lots of beautiful ass views with liquid soap and water dribbling down her ass crack.

Fuckin a Maze in Bathroom. 2:44

Now sitting on the edge of the bath tub Jinx rubs out a quick orgasm with a Hitachi magic wand jammed hard against her clitoris. She has a nice little dribble of pussy juice seeping down out of her vagina.