589 Lola

590 Sandra Rodriguez

591 Jinx Maze

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

A Hungarian Miss-dress. 15:12

At first Sandra just minds her own business doing her seamstress thing. She soon gets into the strip tease mode though revealing some great curves, especially in the front side view. The majority of this clip is all nude posing including some excellent pussy views with one leg raised on the table. She takes a moment to experiment with the see through fabric wrapping it on the mannequin and then on herself. There's a bit of bend over posing on top of the table at the end.

I'm Sew Horny. 6:52

A little bit of pussy fiddling gradually turns to finger masturbation with Sandra lying on her back on the table. There's a very nice spread leg pose to start it off and she later moves to the chair to continue the pussy rubbing. There's probably no orgasm at this point though there is some mild passion as she gets warmed up for the action to come.

She Fabricated the Hole thing. 4:14

The piece of fabric that she cut earlier manages to find it's way up inside Sandra's vagina to get all soaked in her pussy juice. She stuffs it up her pussy and slowly pulls it out several times and then licks her juices off the fabric.

Screamstress. 5:54

Sandra gets up on the table once again and gets busy with a hot pink vibrator. The position lying on her back reveals her pretty bits nicely with the tungsten table lamp highlighting the contours of her front.