588 Aiden Ashley

589 Lola

590 Sandra Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Santorini, Greece

This may be one of the most beautiful villa locations we have shot to date. Though it is not super extravagant it has oodles of character with traditional Greek architecture and amazing colours.

Scene 1

Santorini Sizzler. 19:05

Lola enters the beautifully bright and colourful set looking very elegant in her red dress. The dress doesn't last long in the sweltering Mediterranean heat and we are then left basking in the perfection of her youthful naked body. Some of the more distant views shot from across the pool are quite stunning taking in the beauty of not only the gorgeous girl but also the delightful surroundings. We then move in close for lots of excellent pussy and ass views as Lola poses on the white concrete pool deck in multiple positions.

It's a Nice Day for a Wetting. 8:01

Your viewpoint is from inside the pool through this entire clip as Lola takes a little dip in the pool to cool off. There is no swimming around. She just sits at the edge and splashes water on herself and then gets in to pose at the edge. The first half of this is very softcore and quite elegant. After this she stands up and spreads her ass in your face to show all her wet girlie bits in graphic detail.

I Need a Hard Stiff Dink. 11:38

Lola's masturbation session takes place on the concrete table with a speckley cream coloured rubber dildo. There are a number of positions but most notably she lies on her back on the table with the toy frequently coming all the way out to reveal a wide open vagina. There's also a nice bit of vagina spreading at the end as she keeps her fingers out of the way for some quality vagina ogling.