579 Miko Sinz

580 Lexi Bloom

581 Natali Blond

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Shot up ya Bloomin' Cunt. 10:05

There's a considerable amount of upskirt views and low angle perspectives in this strip tease video. The second half is all bottomless with some very nice pussy and ass spreading.

Your wish has been Granite. 7:31

While still wearing just her top Lexi gets up on the granite counter top and shows of her naked bottom half with several very revealing poses. She starts lying on her back with her legs in the air and then lying on her side with beautiful curves bulging in your face and then squatting in rear view with her spread ass hovering in your face. She ends up in a crab walk position with her beautiful underside squirming around in mid air. There's plenty of time to just soak your brains in non stop bare pussy and ass ogling throughout this entire clip.

Cream - In the White Room. ITC Favorite 7:18

This is the first in a trio of excellent masturbation clips. There's some really excellent creaming going on in this clip as the small vibrator obviously has the desired effect on her. She has a really intense orgasm with lots of quivering while one hand holds the vibrator on her clit and the other hand holds her vagina open. It's outstanding action with lots of gooey goodness coming from her pussy.

She's a Buzzball Player. ITC Favorite 6:25

Lexi switches to her favourite vibrator and starts masturbating all over again. There's not so much creaming this time but the action is equally impressive with lots of quivering and heaving of pussy muscles. Once again the action is very genuine leaving little doubt that she came really hard with this toy.

Counter Productive. 6:20

Lexi finally takes her top off and starts the masturbation all over again, this time with both toys at the same time. The small toy probes the inside of her vagina while the bigger one vibrates her clitoris to another excellent quivering orgasm.

Scene 2

Lexi the Goods. 7:19

This is bonus footage from Lexi's original casting. She is without professional make up and looking a bit more amateur, but certainly no less sexy. After a quick strip tease she does some excellent bend over posing. Her bare ass looks fantastic hovering over your face with everything out in the open for ogling.

Moan your Buzzness. 6:13

Lexi uses the same favourite toy she had in the previous scene and produces yet another outstanding shuddering orgasm. It takes her some time to work up to it but then the orgasm comes in pretty obvious and genuine fashion.