578 Deborah Black

579 Miko Sinz

580 Lexi Bloom

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

This video is probably not for those more jaded viewers in search of graphic spread pussy shots as we try something a little different here. We certainly went all out to be as authentic as possible with this Polynesian canoe scene with it actually being shot in French Polynesia and all details right down to the coconut leaf skirt made by our local native hosts specially for this shoot. The video has it's pros and cons but the pictures in this set are pure magic.

Scene 1

Nudity on the Bow 'n Tease. ITC Favorite 12:59

If it weren't for Miko's valley girl accent you might even believe she was a local native in this beautiful Polynesian paradise. The emphasis here is probably more on the authentic Polynesian themes than our usual pussy and ass ogling. Though she does frequently get her bare pussy and ass out in the open for viewing you will likely be looking at the beautiful surroundings just as much as the model. Besides showing off her body Miko entertains herself with feeding the plentiful fish in the water and throwing flowers into the water. The majority of the footage has live Polynesian ukulele music in the soundtrack. This is perhaps more like a travel video that just happens to have a beautiful nude inthecrack model in it.

Flesh off the Boat. 6:38

Now with her skirt off Miko gets right into the water and shows off lots of bend over poses with her ass just out of the water. There's an amazing number of curious fish swimming all around her at times and even nibbling on her ass. She later lies back on the canoe with her legs spread in the air and she sprinkles water down her bare pussy. Once again the soundtrack has live Ukulele music.

Canoe Doodle Yourself? 5:28

Now without the music soundtrack Miko lies back on the bow of the canoe and gets busy with a little bit of pussy rubbing. She frequently trickles water down her pussy in between all the pussy rubbing. It's visually very appealing but unfortunately it was cut a little short before anything substantial could happen due to an approaching storm.