580 Lexi Bloom

581 Natali Blond

582 Viktoria Diamond

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Natali is maybe not the most engaging model ever as she rarely smiles and sometimes avoids eye contact. That aside she does have one of the nicest and meatiest undersides with a huge pussy that begs for your attention.

Scene 1

Sedusa turns to Stone. 8:58

This strip tease video has a lot of low angle views with the panties still on but getting tugged and adjusted in ways that reveal a lot about what is underneath. In the latter portions she pulls her panties completely aside to show a sneak peek of her lovely crack.

The Undermound Movement. ITC Favorite 12:54

We take lots of time to just ogle Natali's big thick lips and shapely ass crack with lots of low angles and bend over posing. At first Natali just squirms her bare pussy and ass over your face, all the while keeping her hands away giving you an unobstructed view. Her huge pussy mound is really prominent in the front side views. You get some awesome views as she stands with one knee raised on top of the fountain with her crack spread wide open. She later moves to the couch and does lots of excellent bend over posing with some awesome spreads. She ends up on the massage table and she poses first on her side and then squatting backwards with her ass hovering over the edge of the table for yet more outstanding pussy and ass ogling. You get a substantial eyeful of beautiful pussy and ass virtually non stop throughout this excellent clip.

Spa Stick. 8:05

Natali uses a purple rubber dildo to fuck herself on the massage table. There's some very sexy humping motion as she rides the dildo over your face. She then moves to a crab walk position with outstanding views of her entire undercarriage throughout all of the dildoing action. The penetration is very pretty with her thick lips wrapping around the toy beautifully and traces of creamy pussy juice visible near the end.

A Happier Ending. 7:28

Natali breaks out of her shell a little bit when we tickle her pussy and ass crack with a bright red feather. Half way through we switch to a fine tipped feather and focus on the intimate details of her ass crack. There's some very nice close up views right in her ass crack with the feather dabbling right in her anus.