560 Jessica Rox

561 Sadie West

562 Gracie Glam

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Sadie was perhaps a little too stoned to put on a great performance here and it shows in her vacant gaze. That aside however, she has undoubtedly one of the most amazing asses we've ever shot. Ass lovers will captivated and enthralled with her voluptuous curves and flawless ass crack and anus.

Scene 1

Toned and Stoned 16:55

Sadie's look is anything but innocent and wholesome but she is endowed with the most spectacular ass and it gets lots of attention here. After some butt teasing with her lingerie in her crack she unsnaps the crotch and it flings out of her ass crack. The remainder of the clip has tons of awesome spread ass views while standing over your face and then some bend over ass wobbling. She ends up lying on her side in a position that shows of her fantastic ass curves.

Fiddle Fizzle. 7:35

Sadie lies back on the table and has a little pussy fiddling session. It's not quite masturbation but more like slow fondling with a little bit of spreading. In the last couple of minutes she lifts her ass in a crab walk position letting her amazing ass dangling almost on top of you. Her slow squirming motion is really nice with her gorgeous curves undulating in your face.

Grate Ass. 6:57

Sadie mounts a suction dildo stuck to a stool and rides it in the ultimate position for ass ogling. Your viewpoint is from under her ass for almost the entire duration with spectacular views up her gorgeous ass while she rides the dildo. Parts of this are quite slow affording really clear views up her ass while other parts have nice undulating motion.