559 Randy Moore

560 Jessica Rox

561 Sadie West

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Rep.

Jessica has certainly one of the prettiest undersides we have shot to date with thick well toned meat in both her pussy lips and her ass.

Scene 1

A Rox Thong. 16:15

Jessica's strip tease focuses squarely on her tiny micro thong panties for the duration of this clip. She does lots of teasing with the thong string which hides virtually nothing in her ass crack. Her pussy and ass are really quite spectacular with ample well toned meat on her ass and gorgeous thick pussy lips. She continues to use her panties even after they come off as she flosses her crack and then stuffs them all the way up her pussy until they disappear.

Smack Dab in the Fiddle. 5:13

Jessica still wears her red blouse on top but spreads her legs wide exposing all of her naked bottom end for bottomless ogling while she masturbates. Her position lying back with her naked pussy and ass out in the open is super sexy with her gorgeous girlie bits getting a strong fondling under her manipulating fingers.

Get the Hang of it. 3:43

This little interlude has Jessica dangling her amazing pussy and ass in your face in a crab walk position. All she does is just squirm her ass around but she does it with really sexy motions making her curves ebb and flow beautifully with her pussy and ass repeatedly dipping into your face.

Ass Tickler for Details. ITC Favorite 16:19

Jessica gives you a fluffy blue feather and then turns around to offer her ass for a slow sensual ass tickling session. Lying on her front with her legs spread her position is great for virtually endless ogles up her gorgeous ass. Her uncontrolled twitching really enhances the view with some very nice motion. We soon switch to a smaller fine tipped feather to get into the fine details of her ass. The extreme close up views in her ass crack are really spectacular. Her amazingly beautiful anus gets lots of attention with the feather dabbling all around her ass hole and lightly probing right in the middle of her anus. This is one of our best ever videos for extreme close up anus ogling with every detail in crisp detail filling your entire screen. The feather makes occasional detours to her pussy and clit but overall this clip is an ass lovers paradise.

I Prop Pose to Meat up. 2:22

This is just a brief interlude of ass up bend over posing. Brief though it may be it is none the less an awesome view in an excellent revealing position. You can clearly see the wetness in her pussy apparently cause by the feather in the previous clip.

A Euro Peein' Girl. 1:41

Jessica squats leaning back and pees straight onto the hardwood floor with her bare pussy and ass in excellent position for ogling. At the end she stands up and wipes the pee off her pussy and ass with toilet paper.