561 Sadie West

562 Gracie Glam

563 Rosemary Radeva

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

There's some occasional overexposure issues in this video, though anything closer than a full body shot is nicely lit.

Scene 1

Night Vision Ogles. 20:06

This is quite an exotic tropical night time setting with Gracie posing on a beach front deck with coconut trees surrounding the entire set. She wears absolutely nothing under her loose fitting dress giving instant bottomless pussy and ass views up her dress. She talks to you quite often throughout this video and she does some nice ass wobbling to show off her ample behind.

It was a Dark and Horny Night. 14:37

Gracie leans back on the chair and continues talking to you while she toys her pussy with a small vibrator. Half way through the turn around to lie on her front giving you a nice view up her ass while she jams the toy against her clit. Then on her back again she jams the vibrator against her clit and works her pussy to a climax.

Shore is a nice Night. 2:07

In this brief postlude Gracie goes down to the waterfront to explore and wade in the shallow water's edge. She plays with a small hermit crab and she talks to you through almost the whole clip.