051 Savanna

052 Kalista

053 Lexy & Candy

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Fans of hairy pussy should like Kalista's video. She's an exotic looking girl with just a light crop of pussy hair. If you really like female body parts in motion this video is a goldmine since this is the main focus of most of the video.

Scene 1

Hit the Deck. ITC Favorite 9:08

Kalista wastes no time getting down to business. Her dress is quickly hiked up and she's fingering her wet juicy pussy over top of your face. Before long Kalista gets quite animated lying on the floor jacking her ass up and down madly. It's kind of like she's humping the floor with her ass bouncing up and down while she masturbates.

Big Blue. 15:17

Next there's some pretty extensive footage of Kalista playing with her favorite big blue vibrator. You see her in all angles with ass up and ass down sometimes with the vibrator jammed against her clit while she fingers her ass and sometime with the dildo up her pussy. There's a beautiful little glob of pussy juice that just sits at the edge of her vagina for the longest while. She's quite vocal throughout much of this scene.

Telescope to Uranus. 3:13

After she's done with her vibrator Kalista shows off her private parts in right up close in extreme detail. You get a well lit view of her spread vagina and her anus while she flexes her muscles making her 2 holes move in and out.

Scene 2

Diddly Squat. 0:47

Kalista squats backwards over the toilet to pee and then wipes her pussy when she's done. You get the low angle view from close to the toilet seat while she pees.

Scene 3

Movers and Shakers. 9:42

Kalista is virtually in perpetual motion through much of this scene. It's all about her lovely curves in motion. She shakes her booty in all positions, slaps her ass, and also rolls around on the bed a fair amount with curves moving in all directions. She holds a really nice pose lying on her side for a while with a great view up her ass.

Kalisthenics. ITC Favorite 13:06

Eventually her moving around becomes somewhat of an exercise routine doing repeated leg movements and stretches that show off her female curves undulating in hypnotic rhythm. She jacks her ass up and down while lying on her back. On all fours she sways her ass back and forth into your face over and over. There's more beautiful ass jiggling lying on her front. Then she does a whole lot of leg spreads both lying on her side and on her back. You'll love the way her pussy lips open and close with each spread of her legs. There's some fabulous close up views of her pussy lips repeatedly bulging together to form a slit and then spreading open to reveal her inner lips.

Toying Around. 7:46

Now Kalista stops moving around and gets busy as she vibrates her clit with a big black vibrator while she fingers her vagina. There's a nice little creamy flow of girl goo that spews out of her vagina and down to her anus. Several times we watch her ass hole squeezing in and out while she enjoys the sensations. Then she dabbles a lumpy glass butt plug in her pussy before stuffing it up her bum. There's more fantastic bum hole flexing at the end of this clip.

Oriflex. ITC Favorite 4:35

The last part of this video is dedicated entirely to super graphic close up views of nothing but Kalista's vagina and anus pushing out and squeezing in over and over. It's a genuine orifice flexing extravaganza of the most explicit kind. You even see her ass hole flexing in and out while viewing it all through her vagina at the same time.