052 Kalista

053 Lexy & Candy

054 Tera Bond

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

What Turns You On? 12:04

First Lexy and Candy get acquainted with a little kissing, nipple licking, and a quick pussy licking and rubbing for Candy.

Filling Cavities. 9:29

When it's Candy's turn to work Lexy's pussy she manages to lose her entire hand all the way up Lexy's pussy. After Candy's hand comes out Lexy stuffs her own hand right up her pussy while Candy fingers her ass at the same time. At the end Lexy pries her vagina wide open while Candy continues to finger her ass and you can see Lexy's vagina walls moving while the finger up her ass squirms around inside her.

Licking Candy. 9:51

Candy bends over the arm of the couch with her ass in the air for a thorough pussy and ass munching. We get your face virtually right up Candy's crack to watch her anus getting a good tongue bath from Lexy.

Scene 2

Shower with Affection. 5:31

Lexy and Candy take a brief shower together and take turns soaping each other's ass. There are no close ups here due to the spraying water. At the end there's a nice shot of each girl's ass dripping with water as they dry each other off.

Scene 3

Potty Training. 1:57

The girls take turns spreading each others privates while they pee outdoors next to a freight train. Candy squats in the tall grass to pee so her actual pee is not entirely visible but the action is. Lexy pees on the train on all fours with her ass in the air while Candy spreads her ass open for her.

Scene 4

Slumber Party. 10:49

Lexy and Candy strip each other down for a nice little lesbian session on the bed. There's some nice views up both girls asses and lots of anus licking too.

Oil be Back. 10:10

Now things get really messy as Candy squirts great gobs of baby oil all down Lexy's ass and then fingers her pussy with 4 fingers. For a while Candy sits right on Lexy's ass and pours oil down both of their asses and you see 4 glistening bum checks writhing against each other as Candy rides Lexy's ass.

Wee Willy Wanker. 3:19

Lexy brought some of her own toys to this shoot. Here she decided to try out one that she'd never used before. It's kind of an odd little dildo stuck to a blow up ball but you get a great close up view up her squirming ass while she rides it.

First Cum First Served. ITC Favorite 6:13

Lexy uses her favorite snatch gadget on Candy's pussy. She had promised Candy that she would have her first real orgasm with this toy and apparently it worked. This is surely the highlight of this video if you like watching a girl experiencing new sensations for the very first time. It is quite evident by the nervousness in her voice and her reactions that this is genuinely a new experience for her. There's a fabulous close up view of the tiny vibrating fingers wrapped right around her clitoris quickly bringing her to her first ever orgasm and several more to follow.

Lets Face it. 3:58

Finally the girls take turns sitting on each others face. It's not just a mere sitting on the face but in fact all out humping especially as Lexy enthusiastically squirms and grinds her pussy right into Candy's face.