050 Asta

051 Savanna

052 Kalista

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This is really an exceptionally good video, especially for ass lovers because Savanna has got a gorgeous tight little ass and there's some spectacular anal content in this video.

Scene 1

The Open Savanna. ITC Favorite 15:22

Savanna poses in a colorful sun dress and strips out of her panties. She pulls her dress tight around her ass and gives herself a wedgy with the dress pulled right up between her legs showing off her lovely ass curves through the dress. You watch as she shakes her booty both with the dress wedged up her ass and also bare ass. There's 5 straight minutes of Savanna standing right over your face just spreading her naked pussy and ass and shaking it around. We really get some great close up gaping vagina views with the folds of her vagina walls staring you in the face. You continue to gaze up her ass as she moves to the couch and plays with herself lying on her front.

Ass Pacifier. 14:25

Now Savanna dabbles in her pussy and ass with a green vibrator for a while. She then stuffs a red butt plug up her ass and continues to masturbate to an orgasm with the vibrator. At the end of this scene Savanna stands over your face again and plays with the butt plug pulling it out and pushing back up her ass several times over and over.

Scene 2

Peeing on the Edge. 2:57

Savanna sits on the edge of the bathtub to take a pee with her ass hanging right out over the edge. You get a spectacular viewpoint from inside the bathtub right under her ass. We just gaze upon her gorgeous ass for a while before she pees because her curves are so fabulous. Then you get the full pussy and ass view at the same time as she pees into the tub.

Scene 3

Counter Act. ITC Favorite 11:24

Savanna strips out of her jeans and little black shorts and shows off her fabulous rear end. There's loads of fantastic ass crack views in this clip. She gets up on the kitchen counter with her butt in the air and fingers her ass hole with up to three fingers at one time. You get a great close up view of her fingers going in and out of her anus. Then she masturbates with her fingers while lying on her front on the counter. The up the ass view from between her thighs is truly mesmerizing as her squirming bum cheeks undulate up and down only inched from your face.

Anal Buzz. ITC Favorite 21:57

Savanna uses a silver vibrating egg on her pussy and ass and really has a great time. After masturbating with the vibrating egg up both of her holes for a while she does a whole lot of pussy and ass spreading. Just when you think she's finished she's really only just getting started. She stuffs the vibrating egg up her ass again and things only get better and better. There's tons of really amazing super close up views of the vibrating egg slowly coming out of her beautiful anus and sinking back inside again. Multiple times the vibrator just sits half in and half out of her ass before popping out or sinking back into her ass. Several times we thought we were finishing this shoot only for her to stuff the toy back up her ass so we just kept filming. It's quite obvious she genuinely loved every minute of it.

Scene 4

Wee Pee Ass Backwards. 2:02

Savanna drops her jeans and squats over the toilet backwards to pee. You see her ass hole in the foreground right up close while she pees. You also see her wiping her pussy afterwards.

Scene 5

You Go Girl! 6:22

Savanna lies on her back in the bathtub to pee. She had a little trouble to make it happen. Much of this is just us waiting for her to pee but it's still really good footage with lots of great close up pussy views. This clip has more of a behind the scenes feel to it. She talks to the film crew, pours water on her pussy, etc. When she finally does pee she does it right in your face and at close distance too.