049 Candy

050 Asta

051 Savanna

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

25 inch waist, 40 inch ass! If you like big asses this is the video for you. So there's perhaps a little cellulite showing occasionally but there's some really great content here.

Scene 1

Asta la Vista Baby. 11:03

Asta shows off her asstronomical assets in a tight black pair of pants for a while before stripping down to show her bare cheeks. There's a fair amount of wobbling going on and also a great view of her thong squeezing up through the deep chasm that is her ass crack. She gets on all fours with her bare ass in the air and repeatedly flexes her ass hole in and out only inches away from your face.

Ream that Ass! ITC Favorite 10:33

Next Asta has a really thorough dig up her ass with multiple fingers. She works her ass with one finger first, then 2, then 3, and eventually she totally reams her ass out with 4 fingers all the way up her ass until she has a quivering orgasm! Afterwards we wedge your face right up deep between her mountainous cheeks to ogle her anus as she tickles and probes it with her fingers. There's some truly exceptional ass crack footage in this clip with great close up views of her ass hole even gaping open a little as her fingers slide out of her hole.

Scene 2

Loose Caboose. 8:49

Don't expect to see any tight little asses here (see video 051 for that). This clip is all about Asta's main attraction let loose to wobble at will. You see her ass in tight black pants at first. Then she slides her pants down and pulls them up under her cheeks to rest her bulging cheeks "on the shelf" of her pants. This clip basically consists of all imaginable forms of butt cheek manipulation, wiggling, and jiggling.

Propped Up. 13:01

Next Asta props herself up in a reclining chair with her ass up on the back of the chair while she masturbates with a pink vibrator. There's lots of great close up views of deep vaginal insertion and she even stuffs the vibrator deep up her ass for a while.

Bead Stuff. 7:41

Now she stuffs a string of anal beads up her ass and twice and pulls them out really slowly so you can ogle every beads as it gradually emerges from her ass hole. She does the same thing with a larger set of duotone balls going in and out of her vagina several times.

Scene 3

Drain Delay. 3:45

Asta poses in several positions in the shower stall while trying to pee (mostly unsuccessful). Honestly there's a fair amount of footage in this clip that we normally might not have used had we not been short on footage. However there is some nice stuff here including a great spread ass view standing over your face. The wide angle lens sometimes creates some rather odd distortion in the body proportions. Finally Asta does pee sitting over the drain.