048 Lexy

049 Candy

050 Asta

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

In response to those who don't care for all the unusual objects and such this video contains mostly all slow and sensual erotica. Don't expect too much extreme content here. Do expect to ogle a very exotic long legged beauty showing off her pretty bits in some very sensual scenarios.

Scene 1

2 Cute. 9:32

Candy strips out of her white shorts and red top. She's a little shy at first but this doesn't stop you from getting a good look at her silky smooth pussy lips and ass.

Big Toy, Little Hole. 9:13

Next she buries a big baton dildo hard and deep into her tight little hole. The view of her gorgeous pussy lips bulging around the big probing dildo is exceptional. There's even a nice little glob of her creamy girl goo that comes seeping out of her vagina near the end and it all runs down over her bum hole.

Scene 2

Candy Machines. 6:44

Candy has a little exercise session on a trio of exercise machines. First the stepping machine, then the treadmill, and finally the stationary bike. You get some nice views up her ass in motion throughout most of this video. She even spreads her ass with two hands while she is walking on the treadmill so you can look all the way up her ass.

Scene 3

Bath Bum. ITC Favorite 14:57

Don't miss this scene if you love slippery wet female ass. Candy sensually soaps up her legs in the bathtub and fondles her pussy and then stands right over your face to thoroughly show off her wet ass. There's lots of slippery soapy ass action and water running off her glistening rear end. Next she sits on the edge of the bathtub with her wet ass hanging completely out over the edge while you ogle her lovely curves from right underneath. Lastly she lies on her front in the water and you get the water level view directly up her bum as she bobs her ass up and down out of the water. The glistening wet curves are intoxicating as they thrust up into your face and slowly subside back into the water again.

Scene 4

Room Service. 18:41

This brings a whole new meaning to room service. Candy gets a very thorough all over baby oil massage which before long gravitates towards a good massage of the bum cheeks. Again there's lots of glistening oiled up bum cheeks in motion here as her ass gets rubbed, squeezed, slapped, manipulated, and wiggled and jiggled for a good long while. You'll love watching the baby oil getting poured on her ass and slowly running all down her bum crack. Towards the end the maid's duster manages to find it's way into Candy's vagina. The scene ends with some nice close up spread pussy views.

Scene 5

Long Tease. 10:07

Candy slowly teases and strips out of her black lingerie outfit. Perhaps a little too slowly if you just want action but it's certainly a nice view all the same.

Feather Delight. 9:50

Next Candy gently runs a feather all over her private parts savoring the erotic sensations. You get some really nice views up her pussy and ass with the feather sticking out of her ass hole.

Stocking Stuffers. 8:57

Now Candy peels off her stockings and proceeds to floss her crotch with them. She actually stuffs her stocking right up her vagina until it's almost all the way in and then holds the end up so you can clearly see them coming out of her private place. She puts her ass right up in the air on all fours and pulls the stocking out of her vagina ever so slowly. You can see her pussy goo all caked on the stocking towards the end.

Scene 6

Pee n' Shower. 2:59

Candy has a pee standing in the shower in front view and then rinses off with a quick shower. There's also a brief view off the water dripping down over her ass as she dries off.