500 Peaches, Brandy & Miko

501 Sunny Lane

502 Lexa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Cunt Fuchsia's Full Ass of Her. 9:10

Sunny's fuchsia colored knit dress it a real tidy fit around her sizeable rear end, though it gets pulled up pretty soon. When we turn our attention to her boobs she launches into an onslaught of somewhat cliche dirty talk. We then focus once again on her plump ass cheeks along with a bit of panty tease and butt wiggling.

Humpty Rump Tease. ITC Favorite 14:12

Now with her panties off Sunny spends some time teasing you with her big round naked ass. While lying on her side she yanks her butt cheeks open and her ass hole even gapes open a little bit. The great majority of this clip has Sunny posing on her knees either bending over or squatting backwards with her ass hovering over the edge of the couch. Her bum wobbling action is really sexy with lots of bulky ass meat flailing around in the air. There's a brief bit of pussy rubbing followed by some slow ass squirming that gradually speeds up into an enthusiastic ass wobble. Later she poses squatting more upright and there's several high angle views showing the curves in the small of her back flowing into the big bulbous curves of her ass. This is followed by an excellent low angle view looking straight up her undercarriage from below while she virtually squats on your face and spreads her bits wide open.

Changing Lanes. 11:42

Sunny's masturbation involves a pink dildo with an attached vibrating clit teaser. She actually uses it for quite a while turned backwards with the vibrator tickling her anus. We get some nice close up views of the vibrating tongues dabbling right in her anus. She then turns to lean back on the couch with her ass hanging off the edge and she uses the toy in it's normal position. Her moaning is sometime a little fake but she does apparently toy herself to a climax. The last minute has has a great ass squirming segment with her butt hanging in mid air.

Scene 2

Y'ass sure are a Phat. 19:16

This is a pretty all encompassing scene including strip tease, naked pussy and ass ogling and dildo masturbation all in one clip. She has a particularly nice ass wobble with big curves bouncing around in the air. She has quite a cheerful demeanour along with frequent porno style chattering. One might get the feeling her shtick is a somewhat polished routine though it is entertaining. Her masturbation with the glass dildo is often interceded with various hands free squirming and dildo sucking etc. She later jams a mini vibrator on her clit to bring the action to a climax while lying on her front giving you a decent view up her ass.