501 Sunny Lane

502 Lexa

503 Bridget

Shoot Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Scene 1

Half Assed a Tempt. 16:17

Lexa looks quite elegant parading around in the opulent Las Vegas penthouse in her black dress and expensive looking shoes. When her dress lifts up she reveals an unusual pair of panties that only partially cover her ass cheeks with the top half of her cheeks spilling out. She gives a delicious butt tease with her big round bouncing cheeks filling your screen. There is one very interesting view from overhead looking down her back. This angle really enhances the curves from the narrow of her back to the bulbous shape of her ass. There are some overexposure issues in several minutes of this clip.

Gam Bling 'n Vogue Ass. 2:11

Now naked except for her shoes Lexa lies on her side on the couch and displays her gorgeous bare pussy and ass with her private places held open.

Playing the Slits. 13:51

After a brief but lighthearted moment of confusion figuring out the toy Lexa relaxes on the couch and takes her time to tease her pussy with the vibrator. The pace is quite leisurely as we let her just do whatever feels good to her. 10 minutes in her enjoyment becomes quite evident as she starts breathing heavier and comes to a climax. The action is somewhat understated but obviously genuine.

Strawberry Fails Forever. 2:43

Lexa's attempt at sexy strawberry eating goes somewhat awry as it all becomes funny to her. Parts of it are sexy while other parts of it are a bit awkward but amusing.