499 Summer Brielle Taylor

500 Peaches, Brandy & Miko

501 Sunny Lane

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Sunkissed Orgies. 24:03

Our first ever 3 girl video starts off with a little bit off bad acting and gets progressively better and better. There's lots of chattering followed by some kissing and exploring of bodies and eventually progressing into an outright lesbian orgy. Every girl gets both her pussy and ass hole licked, sometimes both at the same time. The girls pause momentarily to enjoy the beautiful view in the background and then the action spontaneously starts up again with a bit of mutual pussy rubbing while they stand over you.

Freeze Company. ITC Favorite 9:35

This clip is certainly one of our more inspired and original with a big bowl of melting ice cream finding it's way all over sun drenched bodies and filling every nook and cranny. The girls really have a lot of fun with this making one big sloppy mess. There's lots of cream dripping down frozen ass cracks and getting licked out of every crevasse combined with hysterical laughter. Peaches gets an entire bowl of cream rubbed all over her ass. In the end they pile up in a group rubbing their cream soaked asses against each other.

Crack Hose. 5:54

The girls take turns to squirt each other with the garden hose with creamed asses being the main target. There's hysterical laughter throughout as the girls obviously have a great time squirting each other. At the end you see them all jump into the pool at the same time.