496 Gracie Glam

497 Caprice

498 Peaches

Shoot Location: Positano, Italy

Scene 1

Perky Jerky. 5:36

Caprice is certainly one of the cutest girls we have worked with and she wears a sweet smile most of the time. We spend most of this clip focusing on her flawless perky youthful titties. Her tits have a nice and tight jiggle to them when she flicks them up in the air to bounce free.

Thin a Thong with Lipth. 9:42

Our attention drifts down to her shapely little rear end and her bend over poses reveal a thin elastic thong string snug in her ass crack. It's not long before her thong is pulled aside to display all her prettiest places. She then lies back on the chair with her knees up together and she pulls her thong string tight up between her pussy lips. The panties then come partway up her thighs with her bare ass sticking out over the edge of the chair forming a beautiful bulging curve. After the panties come off she spends some time flossing her pussy lips with them and she even stuffs them partially inside her vagina.

The Pries of Gash has gone Up. 3:32

There's a brief but beautiful leggy pose at the beginning of this clip with her legs split wide open in the air. Then she turns over onto her knees and spreads her pussy open while virtually hovering over your face. It's a brief but awesome view up her gaping bits at close range.

Shove Roll a Caprice. 13:13

The first part of this vibrator scene has a great up the ass view as Caprice lightly humps the toy while bending over on her knees. Later she lies back on the chair with her ass hanging completely off the edge of the chair. The position gives you a fantastic eyeful of her entire underside while she continues to fuck herself and frantically rubs the toy agains her pussy. The clip ends with some sensual butt cheek massaging with her ass still hanging in mid air.

Sweet 'n Shower Czech in Walls 4:12

There's perhaps nothing particularly special about this quick shower scene other than the cute young girl featured in it. There is a short close up spread ass view with some soapy suds running down her crack but other wise it is mostly full body views.