495 Susan

496 Gracie Glam

497 Caprice

Shoot Location: Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Scene 1

Fish Tales. 8:42

Chatty Gracie takes you out on the dock where she feeds the fish and does a some flashing. Much of this clip is not about nudity or stripping at all as we just take time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while Gracie talks about the fish. There is no bottomless nudity yet but there are some sexy shots of her bum while she adjusts her bikini.

Chick Likes Big Docks. 11:27

Gracie makes the long dock into her fashion runway as she walks up and down the dock both in her bikini and then naked. In between sexy saunters up the dock she pauses to spread her bare ass in your face. Finally she ends up lying on her front and spreading her ass for the sun to fill her crack. She wears a constant smile and the colors and scenery are quite stunning.

Pier Pressure. 10:48

Gracie relaxes lying down on a mat of woven coconut leaves and does a few quick stretches before getting busy with a small vibrator. You can quite clearly see her clit standing out when she pulls her lips back. She just jams the vibrator against her clit for quite a while. It takes her some time but she does eventually reach a climax.

Barely Stretching Atoll. 9:10

Gracie does a bunch of nude stretching exercises on the end of the dock with a running commentary through it all. It's not exactly a professional routine but her personality is well displayed here. There's a few very nice poses showing the curves of her back flowing into the big bulge of her ass cheeks. She does the splits both side to side and front to back. At the end you see her walking down the length of the dock and into the distance.