497 Caprice

498 Peaches

499 Summer Brielle Taylor

Shoot Location: St John, Virgin Islands

We had some issues with clouds constantly coming and going in this set. The picture is therefore sometime vibrantly colourful and other times a little dull.

Scene 1

Peaches on Beaches. 7:07

Peaches enters this scene with a very leisurely paced stroll on the beach and ending up posing on a beach towel where she strips off her bikini top. There's not a whole lot of any type of action at this point but it is a nice leisurely introduction with a beautiful setting and vibrant blue waters in the background.

St John the Back Teased. 5:25

Now fully naked Peaches bends over and turns her famous rear to the camera to show off her best assets. The pace is still quite leisurely as we take a long and thorough gaze up her flawless ass. Her poses lying flat on her front perfectly display how fantastically shapely her ass is.

A Peached Wail. 11:31

There are no toys involved with this masturbation scene. She starts out quite slowly and gets more vocal and animated as she goes. Her position lying on her front is really nice for a sexy gaze up her ass while she rubs her pussy. There's a brief interlude of bums up ass wobbling before she turns onto her back to finish off the masturbation action.

I like Long Gawks on Sandy Peaches. 3:04

Peaches goes back out on the beach to frolic in the waters edge. Unlike the first clip, this time we join her and follow close behind. There's a really nice segment of crawling action at the end where you watch her perfectly rounded ass cheeks oscillate while she crawls.