047 Lexy

048 Lexy

049 Candy

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Perhaps a few more of these clips could have received the thumbs up icon but we're using them conservatively here.

Scene 1

Fruit Fuck. 17:37

Lexy quickly strip from a black robe and lingerie and then gets quite imaginative with a banana and some cherries. Everything that goes in her pussy ends up getting eaten. Ass-to-mouth fans will like how she stuffs the cherries up her ass to make for an extra tasty treat. Then Lexy unloads her vagina of a few cherries she had stored up there.

Clit Flick. ITC Favorite 2:59

Lexy spends several minutes just fiddling with her rather large clitoris. This is fairly unique footage such as you are not likely to see elsewhere. Lexy's hood is pulled all the way back exposing a swollen and very aroused clitoris getting a brisk finger diddling.

Plum Extraction. 4:48

Lexy buries a large plum deep up her vagina. She has quite some difficulty getting it out and has to dig her hand all the way up her vagina in order to extract the plum from her privates. After all this trouble you'd think she'd never stick that thing up her twat again but she does several time over and over having to dig her hand up her pussy each time to get it out. Things get quite messy toward the end. There's also some nice spread pussy views at the end of this clip.

Scene 2

Urinate and Irrigate. 1:49

Lexy takes a pee lying on her back in the bathtub and then flushes out her pussy under the faucet. You can see the water being directed into her vagina and being squirted out again.

Scene 3

Sexy Lexy. 5:45

In the kitchen Lexy strips out of white lingerie and strikes multiple nude poses, some with one leg up on the counter, some over top of your face.

Pussy Juicer. 4:25

Lexy makes good use of a rather phallic looking kitchen appliance gyrating her ass up and down against it with the handle sliding in out out of her pussy.

Preparing the Vegetables. 12:59

Lexy gets busy with a cucumber and a butternut squash. You've never had your dinner prepared for you like this before. The cucumber isn't just decorative. In fact it's quite functional as she really pumps it enthusiastically two handed into her pussy. She also displays some admirable flexibility with her feet behind her head and the cucumber sticking up out of her pussy like an Arizona cactus. The squash also gets marinated and tenderized in her juicy hole in several positions. There's some very nice open pussy views as she pulls the squash all the way out of her pussy between strokes.

Scene 4

A Glass Act. 11:37

Lexy is completely naked for this entire scene. She applies lotion to her pussy and ass before playing with a glass dildo and a glass butt plug. There's several minutes of superb close up ass hole views as she dabbles the glass butt plug in her perfect and slightly gaping ass hole followed by lots of double penetration masturbation with both glass toys.

Snatch Gadget. 12:13

Finally Lexy relaxes with her favorite toy. This is a multifunctional pussy contraption made to pleasure every imaginable region of her privates simultaneously. You will see extensive spectacular close ups of the vibrating prongs wrapped right around her quivering clitoris. After a while she turns the toy around so that her ass hole can get a little bit of the fun too. There's more fabulous close ups of the vibrating prongs probing deep up into her ass hole. She briefly buries her hand up her pussy and then spreads her pussy open before the video ends.