045 Raven

047 Lexy

048 Lexy

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Trash Talk Baybee. 9:44

Lexy strips out of a pink bikini and masturbates on the floor to a perhaps somewhat questionable orgasm. Warning: this clip is quite different from what we would normally aim for. It is loaded with exaggerated vocal drama and cliches. Really the acting is a little over the top here. Those who like a girl talking dirty to them might really like this clip. Otherwise if you turn off the volume you will still at least be treated to some really nice eye candy. In fact there are some seriously nice views up her twat. The remainder of Lexy's video is much more genuine.

Scene 2

Valvular Functions. ITC Favorite 5:27

Lexy lies on her back in the bath tub and spreads her pussy for some seriously excellent super close up pee hole in action views. This video footage is equally as good as "046 macropee" but it lasts much longer. She repeatedly pees her warm stream in little fountains right into your face at 2 inches distance. There's some nice spread vagina views at the same time and you can even see her pee hole opening and closing with each little squirt.

Scene 3

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink. 13:32

There's quite a variety of sexy pussy amusements in this scene from panty tease at the beginning to spread vagina views at the end. In between Lexy actually stuffs her panties all the way up inside her pussy until they disappear completely and she leave them up there to soak in her pussy juice for most of the scene. She manages to mount the handle of the kitchen faucet and humps it over and over with her panties getting jammed farther and farther up into the deepest regions of her eager vagina. Next sitting on the counter Lexy marinates a few grapes in her pussy before eating them and then digs her panties out of her pussy and gives them a good sniff.

Scene 4

Stain the Drain. 2:24

Lexy squats over the kitchen sink to pee. You see her first in full body frontal view and then looking up at her naughty bits from inside the sink.

Scene 5

In the End. ITC Favorite 11:44

Lexy strips out of a red bikini on the bed and plays with a couple of dildos primarily up her ass. First she uses a double ended dildo that she wraps around to stick an end in each hole. Then she uses a fancy see through dildo with multicolored beads inside it to pump her eager ass hole. After she slows down the action we get right in tight to ogle her beautiful ass hole for almost 4 minutes straight as she delicately dabbles the dildo in the opening of her ass. There's plenty of superb footage of her perfect anus here for indulging in your ass hole worshipping rituals. She doesn't quite gape wide open but her ass hole is nicely relaxed with some mild flexing and some nice juice welling up from inside.

Insatiable. ITC Favorite 17:06

Lexy really gets going as she ravenously pumps her pussy two handed with a huge double ended dong. Being truly insatiable she ditched the dong in favor of her entire hand. She doesn't just put her hand in for aesthetics. She really pumps it in fully masturbating with it, especially after she rolls onto her front and starts humping her hand with some enthusiasm. After this she just plays around with her pussy to show it off. We get a superb close up view of her clitoris as she pulls back the hood and fiddles with it. The end of this scene is entirely dedicated to super close gooey raunchy open vagina views. There's some top quality vaginal entertainment here with big gaping spreads, vaginal muscle flexing, pussy tricks, and puffy prolapsed vagina walls pushing out into your face.

Scene 6

Mug Wash. 8:19

Lexy mellows out in the bath tub. You get some nice water level views as she soaps up her pussy. Later she repeatedly sucks water into her vagina and gushes it out in huge pussy fountains and it all lands right on her face every time.