031 Simone & Shania

032 Kylie

033 Venus

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Showing off her Goods. 15:17

This scene is primarily just Kylie doing a whole lot of showing off her pussy and ass with a little masturbation sprinkled in for good measure. Although she is wearing a dress (middle picture) there are no panties so it's not so much tease as just a bunch of in your face pussy and ass. First you see her ass up close while she walks. There are lots of spread pussy and ass views standing over your face and also some nice ass jiggling. In the last part of this scene Kylie gives herself a good pussy rub and then spreads her vagina right in your face.

Scene 2

Purple Rocket. 16:04

First we get a real good look at Kylie's ass in motion wearing black sparkly panties. Next she plays with a purple vibrator that has a little light on the end of it. Don't expect that it lights up her pussy though. It's just a little novelty that looks interesting. Kylie stuffs the vibrator inside her panties and you can see it through the panties as she rubs it on her clit. Now Kylie pulls her panties aside and she sinks the vibrator right in and strokes herself to a nice orgasm. The last 6 minutes of this scene are dedicated entirely just to fabulous gooey spread vagina views right in your face. The lighting is perhaps a little dull here and Kylie's lube goes a little weird momentarily but overall the vagina spreads are spectacular.

Scene 3

Twin Dildos. 14:30

Kylie looks really sexy brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Before long she gets on the bed and starts playing around with a pair of identical dildos. She sinks both of them up her pussy and then spreads them open. Then she gets on all fours with her ass in the air and we help her out with the dildo manipulation dabbling them in both of her holes. There are extensive close up views of her ass hole with the dildo just dabbling and messing around in the opening of her anus without going in deep or obscuring the view.

Bum Ribber. ITC Favorite 5:27

We work a ribbed dildo with graduated balls up Kylie's ass and examine it up close as it goes all the way in and all the way out of her bum. There are some truly beautiful bum crack views here with the balls coming out of her ass and then dabbling in her ass hole before going back in.

Glass Butt Plug. 4:01

We wedge a glass butt plug up Kylie's ass and she poses both on all fours and in a standing position. She jiggles her ass briefly and wags her tail around a bit. You'll like how her ass cheeks wrap around the plug and you can sort of see up her ass through the plug too.

Scene 4

Flavored Cherries. 3:20

Kylie lies on the kitchen counter and rubs cherries all through her crack to get them nicely flavored before eating them.

Kylie's Cervix. 2:15

Kylie splits her pussy open with a speculum for some deep pussy and cervix views. We use both tube light and natural light. There's not much action here but it's a great view of her deepest private parts for the curious viewers.

Scene 5

Little Trickles. 3:12

You get the low angle view as Kylie stands in the bathtub trying to pee. It's mostly a few little trickles since she had a bit of trouble getting it to come in this position. We left some of the inaction in this clip since the view is nice and we figured you might as well stare up her ass and watch her anus flex occasionally while she tries to pee. She does get a nice little stream going at the end of this clip.

Scene 6

Full Stream. 1:11

Now Kylie lies on her back in the bathtub and pees good and proper with her pussy spread, her vagina gaping slightly, and her pee hole in very clear view. You also watch her wipe her pussy when she's done.