030 Simone

031 Simone & Shania

032 Kylie

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This is our first go at a 2 girl video and honestly it didn't really turn out quite as we had envisioned it. This video is definitely NOT sensual or erotic. Shania's boisterous party girl personality dominates here. The mood is mostly fun filled as the two girls generally have a good time with lots of witty casual banter and humor. Depending on your perspective this video is either lots of fun to watch or else the mood is distracting or even annoying. If the latter is the case we recommend just turning off the sound and it will still be very enjoyable. We think Shania might have gained a few pounds since her last shoot but we didn't particularly mind considering the substantial talents she displayed in this video.

Scene 1

First Lesbian Experience. 20:41

This is Simone's first sexual experience with another girl. First Shania briefly licks Simone's crotch through her shorts before pulling them off. Simone leans over the arm of the couch with her ass up and we browse all through her bits while Shania plays with it. After a while Simone lies on the floor for Shania to chow down on her private parts and we get some nice close up views of Shania's tongue flicking over Simone's clit. Next Simone flips over onto all fours with her ass in the air for the rest of this scene and Shania gives her anus a good working over with her tongue. For a brief period Shania even gets her tongue right up Simone's ass hole. For the last bit of this scene Shania just spreads Simone's vagina open and we shine a light up her gaping hole. You can even see her cervix.

Scene 2

Diggin' Deep. 22:55

Now it's Simone's turn to explore Shania's pussy and ass. It's her first time touching another girl's bits so she's a little tentative at first but before long she's really digging in deep and loving it. There's some seriously heavy probing and prying of pussy parts going on here as we get some amazing gaping vagina views. Shania's pussy spreads open more than any other girl we've ever filmed. She gapes so well you can even see her cervix in plain view just by spreading with fingers. Besides the spreading Simone also gets her digits deep up Shania's hole for a good feel around until her hand disappears. When Shania gets on all fours with her ass in the air her vagina gapes open even more. It's like a big gaping cavern with a little mound at the bottom (her cervix). We lube her up really good and Simone loses her hand up Shania's hole again. Next Simone starts fingering Shania's anus and we get some fabulous close up views of her finger going all the way in and all the way out of her ass hole. Finally Simone works a couple of dildos up both of Shania's holes (not simultaneously). She strokes the full length of a little pink dildo up Shania's ass and then buries a bigger one all the way up her vagina until it disappears.

Scene 3

Helping Hand. 1:09

Shania gives Simone a little helping hand to pee while lying on her back. Shania gets her fingers in there to split Simone's lips apart and direct pee - mostly at your face.

Scene 4

Cream Everywhere. 13:16

Our little fruit and cream scene pretty much turned out to be a virtual food fight. You had better watch this scene for the fun and humor rather than hope for a scrap of sensual eroticism. Really this scene is a blast with 2 wild and crazy girls out of control. We were cleaning cream off the walls 10 feet high after this scene. The 2 girls take turns smearing each other with cream and giving birth to baby cantaloupe slices. You will see Shania get a long slice of cantaloupe stuffed all the way up her pussy until it disappears and then she shoots it out using just her vagina muscles.

Scene 5

Bathtub Duo. 4:52

Now the girls need to rinse off in the tub after getting plastered with cream. Simone strikes a great pose with her ass sticking out while Shania soaps her ass and then runs water down her crack to rinse off. Finally Shania repeatedly sucks water into her vagina and squirts in out playing target practice with Simone's face.