032 Kylie

033 Venus

034 Helena

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Venus is back and more hard core than ever. This video (with the exception of perhaps the last scene) may not be suitable for you if you are mostly looking for softcore tease. Venus has gained some new talents since we last worked with her, specifically the ability to do large insertions and anal gaping.

Scene 1

Diggin' In. 17:30

After a short tease in the black outfit (middle pictures) Venus tugs the crotch aside and shows off her bits. She gradually sinks more and more fingers up her pussy until she has 5 fingers up her vagina and she digs her hand in as deep as she can. It kind of looks like she lost something deep up her vagina and she's trying to fish it out. She also yanks her vagina wide open with 4 fingers so you can examine her gaping gooey hole up close

Scene 2

Double Duty. 13:55

This scene is all about large toys and multiple insertions. Venus has the innocent girlie look with pig tails in this scene. She starts with a big baton dildo but soon it's not big enough for her so she jams another dildo up her pussy at the same time. You do get a pretty get look at her stretched pussy lips wrapped around the 2 dildos as she pumps them up her pussy. Next she uses a gigantic monster dildo to stretch her pussy really good. You'll be amazed that such a skinny girl can do such large insertions.

Crazy Ass Toys. 13:44

Now Venus gets on all fours with her ass in the air and sticks all the toys up her ass in every which way you can think of. There's anal gaping, single penetrations, double penetrations, and even double penetrations with both dildos up her ass at the same time. Amazingly she also manages to get the giant dildo up her ass and the big baton dildo up her pussy at the same time.

Spelunking. ITC Favorite 3:55

We get a few fingers up Venus's ass and do a thorough anal examination. This might not be suitable for everyone but if you're a fan of anal gaping you'll never see anything better. Her ass hole gapes open 2 inches wide and you get a close up view all the way inside. Caution: male hands in the picture.

Scene 3

Speculum View. 2:23

While lying on the kitchen floor Venus sticks a speculum up her pussy to show off her deepest pussy parts. The lighting is not perfect but you do get a pretty good view of her cervix. After she pulls out the speculum she licks her pussy goo off of it.

Eternal Spring. ITC Favorite 5:18

Venus takes a really long pee lying on the kitchen floor. It's quite similar to the "fountains of Venus" clip from video 013 except she pees for even longer. There's little pee fountains one after another over and over for more than 5 minutes. You'd think she had some kind of permanent hose attached to her internal plumbing or something. Unfortunately her gaping butt hole looks a little mangled here from the good working over it got in the previous scene, but then maybe you might like that.

Scene 4

Venus in the Tub. 11:52

After all the hard core stuff she did in the rest of this video Venus got to take it easy in this scene with a relaxing bath. There's generally lots of sensual rolling around in the tub, showing off her ass, and soaping her bits in your face. Towards the end she does a nice little wet ass show standing over your face.