044 Rachel

045 Raven

046 Rachel

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

The ever popular Raven is back for an encore performance. Don't expect too much sensual eroticism. She is all wit, humor, and craziness. This is a great video if you like a girl that talks to you throughout the whole video.

Scene 1

Stare Case. 15:19

Raven makes her appearance on the stairs in a light blue velvet dress. She entices you to come and have a closer look up her ass while she hangs her leg over the handrail. After teasing you for a while she sticks her ass in the air while lying on her front and frigs her pussy with her fingers. The orgasm might seem a little fake but is still worth watching.

Scene 2

Raven's Fan Club. 1:15

Raven steps out onto the balcony to the cheering throngs of her frenzied fans on the street. She flashes her pussy and ass to all those below, the car horns blare and the crowd goes wild!.... Well no, actually they're cheering the local hockey team's big win in the Stanley cup playoffs but she plays it up for all it's worth. It is evident however that quite a few people on the street are getting quite an eyeful. The lighting is not so good here due to night time shooting.

Scene 3

Holy Dress. 8:04

Raven strips out of her tiny black dress, although there is not much tease here as she wears no panties and the dress hides nothing. She spends most of the time talking to you about all kinds of goofy things while you ogle her pussy and ass. She stands over the plant in the corner and uses it for a pussy tickler and there's also a stray pussy fart chucked in for good measure.

Watering the Plants. 11:29

Raven squats and pees into a decorative bowl and you see it both in front and rear views. There's an excellent close up view of her pee hole in action seen from behind. Now she displays her imaginative methods of hydrating the local foliage. 1 douche bottle + lots of water + superior vaginal control + 1 nearby green victim = Raven watering the plants. Depending on your perspective this can be either really funny or kind of silly. She stand over the plant and briefly slides her ass up and down with the stalk sliding through her butt crack. There's also quite a bit of douching and spraying going on on the floor.

Scene 4

Pressure Leak. 3:09

Raven squats over the end of the bathtub to pee. She gets the giggles and eventually loses all control over her stream and it all comes gushing out in one big powerful burst. She even gets you in the face and then wipes her pee off your face afterwards. By now it should be evident that she has quite a bit of fun during the course of her shoots.

Scene 5

Naughty Nurse Raven (part 1). ITC Favorite 10:13

(Due to the extra length of this clip it has been split into two downloads for more manageable downloading) Nurse Raven enters the doctors examination room, notices the doctor is nowhere to be found, and proceeds to get herself into all kinds of mischief. She diagnoses herself with dry skin and rubs hand cream all down her front. She also takes her temperature with a thermometer up her bum. Next she sticks a speculum up her vagina so you can examine her pussy all the way inside. Note: There is a little bit of menstrual blood in the deepest reaches of her vagina.

Naughty Nurse Raven (part 2). ITC Favorite 19:05

Nurse Raven still seems to think she has dry skin. She sticks her ass in the air and totally floods her ass crack with hand cream and rubs it all into her ass. Next she gives you a little anatomy lesson as she points out all of her girlie bits with a swab. Then she completely drowns her pussy in great gobs of hand cream stuffing it all up her vagina and farting it out again. She gets on her knees again with her ass in the air and does her bum hole exercises flexing her anus in and out over and over again. There a fabulous close up view of her ass hole winking at you with the cream all oozing around in her anus. Finally she squirms her ass all over the examination table sliding on the slippery cream covered surface in a breathless orgasmic fashion. Better hope the doctor doesn't catch her now!

Scene 6

Me so Horny. ITC Favorite 3:48

What is Raven really like during the course of her photo shoots? Really she is a non stop whirlwind of craziness. This is a behind the scenes look at Raven getting her photos taken. Most viewers will find this footage hilarious. Some more sensitive viewers might not find it so funny (it's not exactly the most politically correct). Warning: The footage in this clip was shot by our make-up man and he's never held a video camera before. Needless to say it's rather shaky.