469 Summer Brielle Taylor

470 Lexa

471 Betty Saint

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Parlor View Fancy. 14:18

Lexa has a few nice flirty faced smiles for you before teasing with her blue bra and panty set and stripping down. We take some time to just soak in the spectacular curves of her legendary rear end with her little thong panty hugging the depths of her ass crack. She then leisurely poses in various positions on the chair taking her time to take her panties off and then she rubs them on her pussy before discarding them.

Go Back Round the Side. 9:52

Lexa's amazing form is no more apparent than when she is lying on her side with her wide ass curves bulging prominently and one hand spreading her cheeks to get her pretty bits out in the open. Her tight little vagina opens up nicely when we move in close for a detailed view. She then moves onto her front and slowly squirms her gorgeous ass around with the mounds and valleys undulating to make beautiful shapes.

Cum at Sex Toyty. 6:38

Lexa's vibrator masturbation scene starts out quite calm and has a very gradual build up of passion to the point of climax. It all seems quite genuine with not much "acting" involved.

The Gape is Open. 4:23

This is all just pussy spreading with no insertion of fingers as she just holds back the lips letting her little flower be seen with nothing blocking the view.

Ghost Dusters. 13:15

Lexa hands off a small feather tickler to you to tickle and tease her wherever you like. Note there is a male hand in view holding the feather handle through much of this clip. We search for all her ticklish and sensitive spots. She flinches a few times and her giggles are tiny and cute. Half way through she moves to a lying down position on her front and the feather wanders all over her gorgeous ass and through her ass crack. Before long she opens her legs a little and we nestle the camera between her thighs with her ass and pussy filling your view to take in the gorgeous bumscape. There's lots of slow beautiful ass squirming and occasional twitching as the feather continues to meander all over her cheeks and through her crack.

Massage for Mike Hunt on Lying One. ITC Favorite 24:19

Lexa now hands off the massage oil bottle to you and there follows a very thorough all over body massage starting with the boobs and then moving down to the ass and pussy. Note if you find male hands offensive you might skip this one as male hands figure prominently through the massage. The ass massaging is especially nice with not only the cheeks getting a good working over but also the anus getting a light and deliberate tickling. The skin glistens beautifully in the light with every pore and goose bump bristling with detail. The close up views right in her ass crack are especially outstanding. She also poses both on her side and on her back with her pussy lips getting a little fondling and squeezing as well.