470 Lexa

471 Betty Saint

472 Valerie Rios

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

In Sequins Show Odor. 7:30

Betty's sequin dress is partially see through and gives a very enticing hint of her gorgeous voluptuous ass with the matching black panties enhancing her form and showing through underneath. Other than the initial full body view most of this is relatively close up ass views with sexy see through fabrics teasingly wrapped around her fantastic ass curves.

Butt Tease Saint. 2:42

Now with her dress hiked way up and her panties off Betty puts on a delicious naked ass show with lots of ass spreading in your face. Her pussy sometimes also gets spread open in the process and there's some nice butt bouncing as she slips her hands off her cheeks.

A Low Ranking Cunt's Table. 8:20

Betty lies back on the low coffee table and displays her pussy with some light fiddling and spreading. The fiddling soon turns to more enthusiastic pussy rubbing with one finger rubbing circles all around her clitoris and sometimes dabbling inside her vagina.

Dong Gone it! ITC Favorite 10:05

Now with a large suction dildo mounted on a higher table Betty shows off some beautiful fucking motion as she humps the dildo at close distance over your face. You get to gaze up her sexy ass for the full duration with lots of beautiful squirming and deep penetration in her pussy. The climax to this action is quite compelling as she somehow manages to thrust the entire length of this enormous dildo all the way up her pussy.