469 Summer Brielle Taylor

470 Lexa

471 Betty Saint

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Oct 27th 2010, 8:02 PM PST

Wow!! now finally some Wild fun with Lexa. She is one of the hottest girls on the web and nice to see her move beyond just posing and getting playful and wild

Oct 28th 2010, 6:52 PM PST

I like the feather. I'd like to see a girl use one on herself and get serious with it! >)

Oct 28th 2010, 7:30 PM PST

The massage scene was a welcome change and lets us members fulfill our fantasy of oiling up and kneading those great asses on display every week.

Oct 28th 2010, 8:39 PM PST

There is no denying that Lexa is an absolute goddess and has one of the most exquisite derrieres that I have ever feasted my eyes upon. I loved every minute of "Parlor View Fancy" and that beautiful ass wagging in my face and the same can be said for "Go Back Round the Side". "Cum at Sex Toyty" (love that title) and "The Gape is Open" are without a doubt mouth watering cookie footage that still has my tongue on the floor. The close up views in the latter had me wanting to bang my computer screen. "Ghost Dusters" is another gem with major replay value. The under the table view and laying down views are pure pussy heaven. Fantastic photos also accompany this shoot. Once again, ITC's attention to detail, pristine settings, excellent camera work and lighting are all to be commended and are what separates them from the rest of the pack. Now for the part that breaks my heart and that is the use of a male assistant in the last video. For the love of god, ITC, why couldn't you have brought in a female masseuse for this scene? Hell, I would have even chipped in for her. I don't know about other guys but I find male hands to be a real turn off especially when it comes to massages. Unless it is my hands that are actually doing the massaging then I do not care to look another guys. At a run time of 24 minutes and 19 seconds " Massage for Mike Hunt on Lying One" would have been an Oscar winner for me if only it was a female doing the massage. Regrettably I'll skip this one and revisit Lola doing the massaging in "Oil Tush, You Stare.

Oct 28th 2010, 9:24 PM PST

I am an ass freak and Lexa never dissappoints in that category (except when photographed by Hegre). Lexa has the hottest ass in the industry since Suzanna Spears.

Oct 29th 2010, 1:51 AM PST

perfect, just perfect! She is one of the hottest girls here at inthecrack.

Oct 29th 2010, 9:41 AM PST

Lexa never fails to amaze me, she is cute, beautiful, inocent and sexy rolled up in one sweet and devilish little girl and woman... No one else compairs. Her sets are what keeps me here at ITC...

Oct 31st 2010, 6:43 AM PST

It's very difficult to think of new compliments for the beautiful Lexa, but as a dedicated ass-man, she is the best. I'd echo the comment that she owns the most gorgeous bottom since Susana Spears. As for the glorious ass massage, normally I prefer as little male involvement as possible, but there's something about seeing a beautiful, prone bottom "man-handled" that is very erotic. The way Lexa arches her hips to greet the touch is a thing of beauty! I'm very jealous of the owner of those hands! And Lexa has such a seductive, cute voice, too!

Nov 9th 2010, 5:21 AM PST

More perfection from the best girl on ITC. Her flawless,symetrical pussy is just so wonderful. Her butt and hips designed perfectly for gazing, fondling, licking and sitting on my face!

Nov 28th 2010, 6:06 AM PST

Couldn't agree less with the person who wanted a female to massage Lexa's magnificent bum. There is almost nothing more boring than girl/girl stuff, unless they are engaging in ass-licking. The erotic charge comes from having a man do the manhandling.

Jan 4th 2011, 12:45 AM PST

lets make one point very clear to all the subsribers of this website, too which i am sure we will all agree. Lexa is the inbodyment of Womanhood..She IS Perfection Personified !! Irrespective of what gender of hands massaged her body, or for that matter, what brand of oil was used ,cause at the end of the Day we have all been privelleged in seeing what Nature can produce. And furthermore, ITC have given us this opportunity too witness this Perfection...What more can i Say ?......I have Spoken!!

Jan 20th 2011, 5:41 AM PST

The 2nd to last comment is rubbish im afraid,lesbian porn is the most exciting especially ass licking,we dont want to see any hairy pricks here thankyou ,!lol.

Mar 7th 2011, 8:20 AM PST

Lexa is fantastic! "The Gape is Open" vid is superb! Lexa spreads open her tight, slick, elastic pussy and we get a great view of her puckered vagina opening. And I love that clit - peeking out from under the hood. Pussy spreading doesn't get any better than this!!

Jan 4th 2012, 11:25 PM PST

We all have are likes and dislikes, I love when girls ride suction dildos, sure male hands might be a turn off, but Lexa has a new set of videos out each month practically, and each time she shows how perfect she is. But what man wouldn't want to massage her on camera. I would have accidently put my face in the her frame...

Feb 25th 2021, 7:37 PM PST

All I know is Lexa is beautiful. There’s a reason why she has appeared in ITC 43 times as of this writing. She is purely Awesome!!

Apr 4th 2024, 2:04 PM PST

Rightly, Lexa's amazing ass is usually the main focus of her videos. But the Gape is Open gives some great footage of her vagina. Very sexy.