045 Raven

046 Rachel

047 Lexy

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Roller Babe. 3:22

Rachel skates past you several times on a public bike path flashing her girlie bits as she goes. She even parks her naked ass right over your face for a while. Later she finds a secluded spot in the bush and squats to take a pee.

Scene 2

Cool Treats. 10:11

Rachel comes home after skating and helps herself to a Popsicle. Of course the popsicle inevitably manages to find it's way up her vagina and melts all over the place. With her thick wet pussy lips wrapped tight around the Popsicle she spews out melted green coolant all down her butt crack. After this she rinses off her pussy in the kitchen sink with the hose and then starts to play with another white "thing" (we don't know what it is but it looks like it goes in a vagina).

Speed Bumps. 7:54

Rachel gets down on the kitchen floor and goes at it hard and fast with her favorite lumpy dildo. There's a nice squirting orgasm or two here. It's a bit like her 044 "ten squirting orgasms" clip but she doesn't squirt as much.

Hosing the Floor. 3:00

While still sitting on the floor Rachel spreads her pussy for a while and then pees right on the floor. You get a pretty nice view of her spread pussy and pee hole in action right up close.

Scene 3

Wee Wee 2:26

Rachel squats over top of one end of the bath tub to pee. You get a great full body low angle view through a wide angle lens with her leaking pussy right up close.

Scene 4

Macro Pee. ITC Favorite 2:20

We continue to revolutionize the industry with this clip as we show you the closest pee hole in action views ever. You can examine her protruding pee hole in detail while she pees and her vagina is open for viewing to boot! She also does it twice.

Scene 5

Spectaculum. ITC Favorite 15:53

Rachel fools around in the doctor's office sticking a thermometer up her bum for a while and then she opens up her vagina with a speculum. Have you ever wondered what a girl's orgasm looks like from the inside of her pussy? Here's something you'll never see anywhere else. Rachel has a couple of orgasms with the speculum up her pussy and you get the full inside view of the whole thing! Rachel's cervix is in clear view the whole time and her entire vagina is very well lit. You can watch her vagina walls squeezing in around the speculum and her cervix pushing out during her orgasm. Then she has a second orgasm, this time so close up there's nothing but wide open quivering, squeezing, orgasmic vagina filling your entire screen!

Scene 6

In the Tub. 13:35

In this scene Rachel basically does everything you could want done in a bath tub. There's leg tease, soapy girlie bits, wet ass tease, and she even rubs herself to a squirting orgasm.

Scene 7

Cream n' Pearls. 8:27

Fresh out of the bath Rachel rubs lotion into her pussy and ass on the bed and has a nice little dig up her ass with a couple of fingers. Finally she stuffs a long string of pearls up her bum and slowly pulls them all out. There's a fabulous close up view of the pearls coming out of her ass hole and slowly sliding up through her pussy lips.