461 Adrienne Manning

462 Peaches & Aleksa

463 Debbie White

Shoot Location: St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Scene 1

Hungary Four Tits 10:28

Peaches and Aleksa take some time to admire each other on the balcony before moving into the bedroom to strip each other's clothes off. There's a decent amount off tit licking and sucking as the clothes are coming off.

Tongue in Groove. 13:18

Aleksa gets a brief ass licking and pussy fingering in the beginning but the main portion of this clip is all about Peaches sumptuous ass getting a good tongue bath from Aleksa. There is an extreme close up view with Aleksa's tongue flicking right in peaches ass hole. Aleksa has an impressively long tongue for reaching the farthest regions of Peaches ass crack without blocking the view.

Lick n' Navigate her. 9:52

Aleksa now gets her turn getting eaten by Peaches. Aleksa spends quite a lot of time lying on her side with Peaches tongue flicking in her ass hole. There's a nice combination of ass licking and pussy spreading and clit fiddling all at the same time. The last couple of minutes has Aleksa lying on her front with Peaches exploring all over her pussy and ass with her tongues taking big lollipop licks all through her crack.