462 Peaches & Aleksa

463 Debbie White

464 Marlena

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Nice Proper Tease. 11:45

This strip tease features a very nice pair of jean shorts that fit immaculately around Debbie's spectacular ass. There's also considerable ass worship with the jean shorts gone and only a thong panty snuggling up in her ass crack. The final few minutes has a naked Debbie squirming her bare body over the camera as seen from low front side and rear side perspectives.

Out to Lounge. 4:33

Debbie's fantastic posture kneeling on the chair shows off her amazingly curvy form. She soon gets her ass up in a bend over position and lets you inspect all of her prettiest places with her ass waving in the air.

Deep Purple - Poke 'n the Twatter 7:53

Debbie's dildo action is nicely composed with lots of close up pussy with her face in the background. The toy frequently comes all the way out of her pussy giving you lots of bare pussy to ogle. At the end she just lies on her side spreading her entire underside wide open with a little bit of pussy muscle flexing.

Lying Whore Eyes on Tail. ITC Favorite 8:40

Debbie use a lumpy metal toy in her ass while she lies on her side giving you some great views up her spread ass. She has several fantastic poses throughout this clip. She ends up lying on her front with one knees raised forward exposing everything for thorough ogling. There's quite an enthusiastic climax to the action followed by some fantastic spread ass views. There's no doubt Debbie is one of our top models for her fantastic form and posture.