460 Sophia Sutra

461 Adrienne Manning

462 Peaches & Aleksa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

If the Suit Fits Wear it. 8:58

Adrienne looks quite sophisticated in her unusually knit patterned bathing suit. It's a great fit on her sumptuous ass which you see quite a bit as she teases with her bathing suit bottom. She wedges it all up into her crack and spreads her butt in your face before taking it all off.

A Smoothie in the Bender. 6:00

This is all bend over posing with some beautiful ass spreading, moderate butt wobbling and some slow squirming. You get a good eyeful of Adrienne's smooth undercarriage up close and personal throughout this entire clip.

Ass knot what you can do for your Cuntry. 10:32

Adrienne's finger masturbation is slow and leisurely for quite a while with her her fingers just rubbing all around her clitoris area while her other hand often holds her ass cheeks open. You see the action while she lies on her back, on her side, and for the majority of it lying on her front with her ass spread. There's a very gradual build up of intensity until she energetically rubs her pussy to a climax. She has a minor skin tag visible on her ass hole though it does not distract from her natural beauty.

Twat's open Round here? 4:12

Adrienne does some beautiful ass spreading while lying on her front. Her pussy also opens up and we get in close for a detailed look. The pussy doesn't open particularly wide but the ass spreading portion is really pretty.

Just Pooling Around. 9:41

This is all mostly softcore posing with all full body views as Adrienne poses on her knees and also walks around the pool showing off her figure in motion. You see a lot of ass up posing with her ass facing away from you which is a great pose for showing her beautiful butt curves.