459 Asa Akira

460 Sophia Sutra

461 Adrienne Manning

Shoot Location: Miami, Florida

Scene 1

Seams we're getting Hosed. 27:32

This clip is virtually all tease with a heavy concentration on legs and pantyhose. She wears no panties under the pantyhose and they are completely see through even on the crotch. There are moments where she chats randomly about various teasing subjects. She sits with her skirt and legs positions strategically to give glimpses up her thighs and eventually lets you go right up between her legs to gaze upon her crotch. She then leans back and does a really sexy leg tease with her legs moving around in the air. She also spends some time on her knees and slightly squirming her ass in the air. Near the end we take a close look at her ass crack through the pantyhose fabric as she flexes her anus muscles. There is extensive prime footage for pantyhose lovers throughout this expansive clip.

Sofia's Bulge Area. 12:42

Sophia's pantyhose removal is a real dick tease as she leans back with her legs in the air and slowly rolls the pantyhose up to her thighs gradually revealing her naked pussy and ass. The pantyhose eventually come all the way off and she shows her naked girlie bits while lying on her side and on her front with her bum squirming in the air. There's a little bit of casual chatter near the end of this clip as well.

Cum a Sutra. 6:23

Sophia's finger masturbation session has some very nice close up pussy views with her lips squishing around under manipulating fingers. There's not likely any real orgasm involved in this.

Can I Burrow a Couple of Fucks? ITC Favorite 14:59

Sophia uses a mechanical toy with a squirming dildo section and a vibrating clit teaser. Though we never get super close there are moments with some nice clitoris views as it stands out quite prominently with the vibrating tongue on the tip of it. In the latter half she drapes her ass off the edge of the couch and lets it hang in mid air while she continues toying her pussy. When she reaches her orgasm there's a series of very powerful and obvious contractions in her anus. After she is done with the toy the hanging pussy and ass views are exceptionally nice as she lightly fiddles with her sensitive clitoris and continues to have light muscle contractions in her anus.

Talking behind her Back. 2:12

This is a behind the scenes outtake with Sophia talking while we repair a run in her pantyhose.