043 Shawna

044 Rachel

045 Raven

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Squirting orgasm fans make sure you don't miss this video. Rachel has orgasms very easily and frequently and her pussy virtually has a permanent leak in it. There are a couple of odd occasions where the camera briefly loses focus due to pussy shrapnel on the lens. This is quite insignificant in the overall scope of the video and perhaps adds to the effect. We probably could have given almost all of this video the thumbs up but then it wouldn't mean anything.

Scene 1

Pussy Splatter. 19:40

Rachel does a quick bit of tease with her ass in your face before she really get down to business on the couch, This scene is full of very energetic pussy rubbing along with another couple of fingers digging in her vagina and occasionally up her ass. After a bit of a warm up period she has 4 great squirting orgasms and the last one is right in your face. Unlike some models Rachel's acting here is undeniably genuine.

Scene 2

Dildo Picnic (part one). 10:39

(Due to the extra length of this clip it has been split into two downloads for more manageable downloading) Rachel has a cheeky little piss in a pot to relieve herself before moving on to her toy picnic. Rachel's curiosity takes over here as we gave her the whole toy box and just let her go at it. First she digs through all the toys and picks out her favorites. Now she starts out by pumping her pussy hard and fast with a purple ribbed dildo until you see her creamy girlgoo oozing down over her ass hole. After this warm up she uses a vibrator with rotating balls and vibrating rabbit ears that really gets her pussy going. There's a fabulous close up view of the vibrating rabbit ears wrapped around her quivering clit and all of her squirt juice streaming down over the toy at the same time.

Dildo Picnic (part two). 15:09

Rachel picks out some more toys to play with and goes at it all over again. She pumps her pussy with her ass in the air for a while and you hear occasional little pussy noises escaping from her hole. Lying on her back she pumps, rubs, and vibrates her pussy to a couple more squirting orgasms. At the end there's a spectacular close up view of her clit with the hood pulled back.

Scene 3

Split Ass Walking. 5:52

Rachel gets a little workout on the treadmill with her fabulous rolling ass curves undulating back and forth right in your face. She also does a really good job of spreading her ass wide open so you can cast your gaze all the way up her bum crack while she walks :)

Scene 4

Pee Pee Dance. 3:56

Rachel does the pee pee dance like she's bursting for a leak and then stands over the bath tub (and your face) to let it all out. There's some nice giggly bashful personality in this clip.

Scene 5

Filtration System. 2:36

Several customers have requested to see a girl peeing in her panties. Here it is. Rachel takes a leak right through her white see-through panties. Afterwards the pulls her panties aside to show you where it came from.

Scene 6

Ten Squirting Orgasms. ITC Favorite 18:49

Surely this video clip is the holy grail of all squirting orgasm movies. Rachel squirts not once, not twice, not three time, but in fact 10 times! You wont find another girl more sexually explosive than Rachel. She just goes at it hard and fast with her favorite ribbed dildo while we gasp in amazement. The place smelled a little different after this one.