042 Nadia

043 Shawna

044 Rachel

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Shawna is a sexy young blonde with some really nice "bits". She's perhaps not quite a natural on video but she really does have a fabulous undercarriage with lush curves and smooth skin.

Scene 1

Cat Slap. 14:11

Shawna lazes around on the couch in her leopard skin dress teasing you with up the skirt views. She wears no panties at all. She stands over your face and gives you more teasing up the skirt views while she plays with her ass. You'll like the way she delicately spanks her bum hole with little one finger slaps. There's plenty of ass jiggling, lots of attention to her perfect little bum hole, some anus flexing, and even a momentary little gape of her bum hole.

Pussy Rub. 11:18

Next Shawna gets naked on the couch and plays with her pussy. It's not so much orgasmic masturbation as it is just a somewhat enthusiastic pussy rub with some heavy breathing.

Scene 2

Kitten on the Keys. 7:34

Shawna poses and strips on the piano. There's a few beautiful up the bum views both lying on the piano and standing over your face. Don't bother with this clip if you're looking for hardcore action. It's primarily all tease except for a brief finger up the bum.

Landing Take-off. 13:11

Shawna moves to the stairs and gets into some heavy masturbation with a lumpy purple dildo. She lies on her back on the landing with both legs in the air and her ass hanging of the edge of the stair thoroughly exposing all of her pretty places for your ogling pleasure. If you like to watch wet vaginas spewing great gobs of goo then watch this video. Every time the dildo comes out her her pussy there's another big ooze welling up from deep inside her seething hole making a big puddle on the stairs. When she's done she has a sexy little dig in her vagina with two fingers.

Urine Stair Mode. 3:01

Shawna pees into a bowl while squatting on the stairs. Great stuff if "you're in stare mode" :)

Scene 3

Internal Probe. ITC Favorite 9:13

Shawna hops up on the examination table and is subjected to a full internal finger probing of both of her holes. This doctor is more interested in fondling her privates than diagnosing her. Next Shawna's pussy is split open with a speculum and you ogle her deep vaginal bits in periscope mode complete with a finger up her ass wiggling her pussy walls around.

Scene 4

Moving Mountains. ITC Favorite 6:33

Shawna takes a hike on the treadmill, first in pink hot pants and then bare ass. This is all about Shawna's gorgeous big silky smooth bum cheeks flapping in your face in hypnotic rhythm. We recommend watching bits of this in slow motion. At the end Shawna spreads her ass with two hands so you can gaze right up her ass while she walks.

Scene 5

Pee Pee. 3:35

Shawna takes a pee in the bathtub (twice). Once lying on her back and once on all fours with her ass in the air.