041 Carmen

042 Nadia

043 Shawna

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Nadia Business. 20:14

This clip starts off with about 4 or 5 minutes of strip tease on the bed followed by 15 minutes of extensive all out finger masturbation. There's lots of super sexy squirming ass in the air action as Nadia sinks her gooey fingers deep up both her pussy and her ass. Don't miss this video if you like watching a girl finger her ass hole because Nadia does it nice and deep and sometimes with two fingers. Nadia gets pretty busy towards the end as she frantically fingers her squirming pussy and ass to a nice orgasm.

Down Periscope. ITC Favorite 6:14

The next 6 minutes are dedicated to gaping spread vagina views. Much of this clip features a new and experimental lighting technique to get some great evenly lit and unobstructed deep vagina views. This has resulted in somewhat of a vignette effect (like looking through a periscope) but also brings you some of the clearest vaginal views you will ever see anywhere. We stuck a wiggling finger up her ass to get her vagina walls in motion for your viewing pleasure.

Scene 2

In the Mood. 7:15

Nadia spends some time squirming on the couch getting into the mood for what is to come. This is primarily tease with a little nude pussy play on the side. She gives herself a wedgy with her silky little dress wrapped tightly around her crotch and squirming ass.

Pink 'n Pretty. 18:29

After her little warm up Nadia is ready to get down to some serious masturbation with her pink dildo. There's lots of great camera angles as Nadia works her pussy with the dildo and sometimes fingers her ass at the same time. If you liked the vagina view in the "down periscope" clip there's more of the same at the end of this clip.

Scene 3

Newbie Baker. 17:59

We decided to film Nadia baking a cake. Needless to say she's not a very good cook. The only thing she's good at is making a mess and getting it at over her female bits. She spend several minutes lying on the counter frigging her pussy with a spatula handle. Next she decides to add some of her own special ingredients to the mix as she squats over the mixing bowl and oozes out her pussy juice into the bowl. After this she smears the milk, flour, and pussy juice mix all over her pussy and tits and then rinses off with the hose.

Special Sauce. 1:01

Finally Nadia adds some special sauce of a different kind to her cake mix as she pees into the bowl (and misses).