040 Natasha

041 Carmen

042 Nadia

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This is a particularly good video for ass lovers because Carmen's most obvious asset is her voluptuous "bubble butt" rear end. The majority of this video is shot in semi-fisheye view, meaning all straight lines are curved and all curved lines (i.e. Carmen's ass) are even more curved.

Scene 1

Junk in the Trunk. 9:42

The first half of this scene is all about Carmen's ass in your face as she poses in tiny black shorts that only cover half of her voluptuous yet tight bum cheeks. It's non stop ass worship as she plays with her shorts and then removes them so you can gaze up her beautiful deep bum crack.

Carmen gets Bizet. 9:33

Carmen does some nice leggy poses on the couch with both legs in the air while she shows off her pussy and plays with it. After a breathless little orgasm she rolls over and gives you some fabulous rear view pussy and ass spreads while lying on her front.

Scene 2

Slippery Curves. 14:55

On the bed Carmen strips from the blue outfit seen above and poses with her legs in the air and then ass in the air on all fours. You will probably never gaze upon a more shapely undercarriage than this. Carmen's ass in the air is a true work of art. While still on all fours we also focus in on Carmen's pert little breasts dangling and jiggling around while she plays with them. They're not very big but they sure are perky with a nice little jiggle in them. She then rubs an ice cube all through her ass crack and all over her breasts.

In the Pink. 9:48

Carmen pumps her pussy to another breathless orgasm with a smooth pink dildo and then shows off her cum soaked little pink hole right up close. There's a superb close up view of her finger dabbing right in the entrance of her gooey vagina with puffy little vaginal folds squirming all around her finger.

Polishing the Pearls. ITC Favorite 10:07

Now Carmen puts on a fantastic ass hole show as she stuffs a string of pearls up her ass and teases you with them for a while before we slowly pull them out. We zoom right in until her anus fills your whole screen to watch her bum hole flexing and sucking on the pearls. Nothing could be prettier than the super sexy view of the pearls slowly slithering out of her slippery little bum hole.

Scene 3

Sink Spray. 3:24

We get Carmen in her best position with her ass in the air so you can ogle all through her underside while she takes a long pee in the kitchen sink. Afterwards she sits on the edge of the sink and sprays her pussy with the hose.

Scene 4

Sprinkle when you Tinkle. 1:07

Carmen lies flat on her back in the bathtub and has a sprinkly little pee with her pussy lips spread wide open.

Scene 5

Full Moon. 4:52

Watch this clip for one purpose only - to soak your brains in the fabulous curves of Carmen's naked ass. Lying on her side she pulls down her orange shorts and moons your face for a 4 minute power ogle complete with some anus winking and hard spreads.

Scene 6

Going Nowhere. 4:58

Carmen shows off her bubble butt in motion on the treadmill first in orange shorts and then naked. There is a distracting hair on the lens for some of this video clip but the action is too good to miss. There's also a surprisingly good close up tit shot with her pointy breast dancing a tight little jiggle.