039 Natasha

040 Natasha

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Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Could Natasha's second video possibly be even better than her first? Perhaps it could. Her brilliant personality really sparkles throughout this excellent video.

Scene 1

Wanna See? ITC Favorite 12:01

Natasha is bright and cheerful as she bounces around and generally shows of her ass in your face for a good long time. She gives her pussy a wedgy with her panty crotch so that her meaty lips spill out on both sides of her panties. She then bends over the couch with one leg up to play with her bare ass slapping it, wiggling it, and giving special attention to her anus with one finger. You'll soon see that gazing up the crack of Natasha comes with the substantial benefits of a super shapely ass and exceptionally thick pussy lips.

Getting a Buzz. 9:43

Natasha gets down to the serious business of getting herself off with a little green vibrator. There's some really nice views up her squirming ass as she rolls around on the floor with her vibrator. At the end Natasha loses control of her pussy juice as she stands up and gravity takes over.

Scene 2

Bum-ercise. ITC Favorite 11:08

Natasha has arguably the best rear end we've shot to date. It would be unthinkable to miss getting it with all of her spectacular curves in full motion. We thoroughly show off her ass on the treadmill at multiple speeds and multiple angles first with panties that her bum cheeks almost completely spill out of and then naked. For a while she walks with her bum held open with two hands so you can view up her crack between moving bum cheeks. At times your screen is completely filled from corner to corner with great wiggly undulating mounds of bum flesh. We also play back some of the best parts again in slow motion so you can thoroughly soak in all of her wiggliness. At the end Natasha squats up on top of the treadmill handlebars and shows of her pussy for a moment.

Scene 3

Bouncing off the Walls. ITC Favorite 7:05

If we could give all of scene 3 two thumbs up we probably would. Natasha is so full of energy, fun, and enthusiasm she is literally bouncing off the walls. Our bed becomes her trampoline and our half walls become her jungle gym as she's virtually like an excited kid going to Disneyland. You don't see full nudity in the first clip of this scene but it's not possible to find a girl bursting with any more personality than this.

Sonata for Pussy in Labia Major. ITC Favorite 19:39

Natasha gets naked and grabs a dildo to play with. She doesn't use it so much to masturbate with but rather to just have fun with as a tool for showing of her pussy. The mood of this entire scene is just fun filled play as a cute giggly girl experiments with her pussy and learns all kinds of pussy tricks that she never knew she could do. She sticks her ass in the air with the dildo hanging out of her pussy and she grips it with just her pussy muscles while wagging her ass all over the place. Natasha soon learns that she can make all kinds of neat pussy noises when she pulls the dildo out of her vagina. She also shoots the dildo out of her pussy. Next with her ass in the air she yanks her vagina wide open with 2 hands and then figures out that she can do pussy farts at the same time. Amazingly you can see her vagina go from a deep dark cave to snapping shut and vibrating loudly as she pussy farts right in your face. At the end Natasha stuffs a string of anal beads up her ass and pulls them out to cap off an exhausting fun filled 19 minute frenzy.

Scene 4

Clean Inside and Out. 15:25

Natasha takes a bath and has lots of fun squirting herself and douching her pussy. Her curvy ass looks spectacular bobbing up and down out of the water. She gets her ass up in the air, fills it with water and squirts it all out over and over again.