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039 Natasha

040 Natasha

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Natasha is miss everything. She has the perfect thick meaty lips, the most amazing ass, and the most stunning, genuine smile you'll ever see. Combined with her expressive personality and playful character we can hardly imagine a more perfect model.

Scene 1

Rear in Sheer. 15:42

Considering Natasha was a little scared and nervous at first her stunning smile and playfulness doesn't quite shine through for most of this first scene. In spite of this this could easily be the best footage on a lot of other videos. First Natasha shows off her fabulous curves for quite a long time in a black sheer swimsuit-like outfit that fits like a glove. Either this is the best outfit we've ever put on a girl or else she just makes it look that way. If there's a particular pose you really like it's probably included here because she moves around a fair amount. There's lots of bend over, on all fours poses and standing over your face views and all performed with impeccable posture. Make sure you don't miss this clip if you are a fan of ass tease and beautiful tight voluptuous bum cheeks because Natasha wags her tail in your face for a good long time. The ass tease is absolutely delicious with all the bum cheek fondling and wiggling going on. Several times you get a few enticing little glimpses up her bare crack and anus while she is adjusting her outfit. You'll think you died and went to heaven when she finally unclips her crotch, bends over and spreads her bum cheeks wide open. This clip is not all tease. There's over 4 minutes of gazing up her spectacular bare ass and crotch.

Luscious Labia. 9:20

Next Natasha gets into some serious digital manipulation of her thick 'n chunky girl meat. It's just a whole lot of close up pussy fiddling, fondling, spreading, and dabbling, and an occasional finger up the bum.

Eleven Fingers. ITC Favorite 6:55

This scene ends with almost 7 straight minutes of close up explicit pried open pussy. There are moments with nothing but vagina filling your screen and some super close up anus views while she flexes her anus muscles. At times you can see her vagina and anus squeezing at the same time. We even stuck a finger up her bum and wiggled it around while she spreads her pussy so you can see her vagina walls bulging as we manipulate it.

Scene 2

Dish Washing Diversions. ITC Favorite 21:09

Natasha is supposed to be washing the dishes but there's just too many distractions for her to have fun with. She finds a dildo buried in the sink and she ends up playing with it instead of washing the dishes. She puts one leg up on the counter and you get a fabulous low angle view up her ass as she has fun with the dildo. Pretty soon she's sitting up on the counter spraying her pussy with the rinsing hose. Next Natasha squats on the corner of the counter with her ass hanging out over the edge as she squirts a great gob of honey-like dish soap down her ass crack that oozes over her private parts. You have a spectacular view up her ass as she rubs the soap into her crack and sticks a finger up her ass. After rinsing herself off Natasha buries a shooter glass up her pussy and then has fun spraying her pussy with the rinsing hose for a while longer. She crawls around on the counter to get her ass in the air so she can spray it too. Next Natasha gets on the floor and masturbates with the handle of the dish washing brush. She must've liked the ribs on the brush handle because she sometimes gets it about 8 inches deep up her pussy and seems to be genuinely loving it. She looks stunning on all fours with the brush protruding out of her vagina and a finger up her bum. When she pulls the brush out there's a nice little glob of girlie juice that just sits there between her inner pussy lips. Next Natasha gets up on the counter again and sits right in the sink to clean her ass off while the sink overflows and spills all over the floor. She then rolls over and crawls around the soapy counter top with her soapy ass in the air looking super sexy and playful. At the end Natasha dries herself off with a towel while standing almost over your face. Her shapely ass is looks amazing here in this last view. There are no slow bits on this scene. It's just non stop action and inspiration from a gorgeous model that genuinely had a great time.

Scene 3

Almost a Pee. 1:58

We had Natasha all set up in a fabulous position for a great pee scene but her pussy got stage fright and she just couldn't do it. We're showing you this anyway because she did manage a few little trickles and she just looked fabulous in this position straddling 2 chairs with her ass hanging in the air.

Tight End. ITC Favorite 6:12

Since we were just waiting for a pee to happen we decided to get her to show off her ass in the meantime. This clip is a "must have" for any and all fans of the female bum. The first part is mostly all extreme close up anus flexing. After this Natasha stands up over top of your face and gets quite energetic as she dances around, grabs and gropes, slaps and spreads, wiggles and jiggles, and generally shows off her ass in motion in every which way she can possibly think of.

Scene 4

Hump and Grind. ITC Favorite 6:35

This scene features Natasha enjoying a little green vibrator on the couch. She is lying on her front for almost all of this scene so you get the ultimate view up her rear as she jacks her ass up and down humping the vibrator. We deliberately linger on the best view right down under her ass so you can soak in her super curvy ass oscillating up and down into your face in hypnotic rhythm with her thick puffy lips bulging around and engulfing the vibrator. Some of the most excellent footage is after the vibrator comes out of her pussy as we just dabble it in and around her open lips and vagina while her ass is still squirming. You'll love her sly, playful little comment at the end of this scene.

Scene 5

Behind the scenes with Natasha. 3:29

Natasha really has the most adorable personality, mannerisms, and expressiveness and it really shines through here in these behind the scenes snippets. Much of this is her reactions to her not being able to pee. She is pouty in a kind of childlike way, she is impish and mischievous as she playfully sulks and then instantly becomes bouncy and cheerful again. There's nothing very explicit here. It's all just Natasha being herself, cute and girlie.