037 Amber

038 Nikita

039 Natasha

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Absolutely Striping. 9:35

This first scene features Nikita teasing you wearing an all striped lingerie and stocking outfit. The vertical stripes make her look really tall when she stands up. We think you'll notice her legs seem to go all the way up until they make an ass of themselves. There is some really nice up the ass views with her G string pulled aside.

Clit-o-ring. 8:56

Nikita sits on the couch with her panties pulled aside and fiddles with her clit ring and dabble in her pussy. It's primarily just a whole lot of close up pussy ogling while she manipulates her bits.

Rump Show. 2:57

Nikita stands up and bends over to for a while to show of her fabulous rear all spread open. What is really prominent and eye-catching here is the fabulous shape all through her crack and entire curvy underside as well as her smooth flawless slit.

Scene 2

In Nikita's Crack. ITC Favorite 8:07

Nikita quickly strips out of her tight black pants and then parks here naked ass right over your face so you can just gaze up her bum crack for a good long time while she plays with her ass. The viewing perspective is absolutely perfect for crack lovers who like your girl standing over your face. Included in your bum crack entertainment is some nice vagina spreads, close up anus views, lots of bum cheek fiddling and wiggling, and you even see a nice little drop of girlie juice leak out of her vagina and run down her pussy lip.

Plug 'n Tug. ITC Favorite 16:39

While still standing over your face Nikita entertains her bum with a string of anal beads stuffing the up her ass and pulling them out multiple times. If you love girls bums and ogling the ass hole this is the scene will hit ground zero for you. No her anus doesn't gape open, but you will see some brilliant super close up anus views embellished with a string snaking it's way right up and disappearing into her lovely anal crater followed by several great close up views of each ball slowly emerging and then popping out of her ass. As you can tell from her occasional giggles and moans Nikita really did have a good time with this. It looked so good we had her do it 3 times, twice standing over your face and once lying on her front on the couch.

Scene 3

Lazy Stroll. 3:32

Nikita takes a little stroll on the treadmill. She doesn't do this with as much passion as she does other parts of this video but it's still a nice look at her beautiful curves in motion. Parts of this scene are done next to a mirror so you can see her in front and rear view at the same time.

Scene 4

Inside Joke. 5:32

We got Nikita to lie on the kitchen floor and put on the ultimate vagina show with her pussy pried wide open with a speculum. We deliberately tickled her to make her laugh, not so much because we wanted to see her laughing but because it makes her vagina walls move. If you don't find laughing particularly erotic just turn off the sound. This is some truly unique footage and perhaps some of our best speculum views and vaginal entertainment we have shoot to date. We did have some occasional issues with the camera focusing on the speculum instead of the cervix and vagina but there's still plenty to see clearly. You'll love the way her vagina walls flex and bulge in around the speculum deep inside her pussy when she laughs. Nikita has one of the most beautiful vaginas we've seen in a long time. There's no flaws here, just all soft pink rippling vagina walls all the way down to her near perfect cervix.

Bums Up Leak. 4:38

Nikita gets on all fours to pee with her ass in the air giving you the full view of all of her curves and girlie bits at the same time as she pees. We had to wait a couple of minutes for the pee to come but we've left this footage in the video because her ass looks so nice in the air like this. If you look close enough you can see her pee exiting her pee hole, running down her slit, and over her clit ring before falling to the floor.

Scene 5

Radioactive Pee. 1:38

Nikita pees a bright yellow stream standing over the bathtub and over your face and then giggles and flips out because her pee is so stinky.