036 Chrissy

037 Amber

038 Nikita

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

A word of warning - Amber's skin complexion is perhaps not the best. There's a few red spots on her ass (not seen in the pictures). All things considered however she does put on a really good show in this video.

Scene 1

All Meshed Up 11:15

Amber does a sexy little tease in the pink mesh shorts and top seen at top left. You see a nice little wet spot develop on her crotch before she yanks her crotch aside to show off her bits. She also plays with her perfect little titties for a while and then stands over your face with her shorts around her thighs while she fiddles with her pussy.

Sloppy Fingers. 11:12

Now naked Amber gets her fingers thoroughly stuck into her bits with lots of pussy groping, fiddling, and dabbling of all kinds. She gets four fingers buried deep inside for a good grip and you see her goo spewing out of her hole and gathering all over her fingers. There's some excellent close ups and interesting camera angles with great views of her pee hole and clit.

Speculating. 4:44

Next Amber spreads her pussy with a speculum and shows of her inside girlie bits. There's a fabulous low angle view showing off her pussy lips bulging around the speculum as she pulls it out.

Scene 2

Plugged In. 13:26

Wearing a red bra and panties Amber drops her panties around her thighs and poses on all fours with a little pink dildo buried deep up her ass. There are some beautiful views of her ass in the air with just the knob of the dildo sticking out of her ass. She then gets naked and goes for a hike on the treadmill with the dildo still plugged up her bum. Although she doesn't really have the most voluptuous ass it still makes for some interesting action.

Scene 3

Getting an F 17:21

Amber has the innocent school girl look here and she certainly plays the part well. It's a great scene if you like the character - not so great if you only want hard core stuff. Amber is supposed to be studying but she'd rather spend her time drawing cute girlie pictures on her panty crotch with a marker. You'll love the naughty views up her plaid skirt when she stands over your face. We get a fabulous view of the inside crotch lining of her panties when they come part way down. You see her bare ass and pussy and her her panty crotch all at the same time. After fiddling with her pussy and spreading it for a while she pumps her pussy with a purple dildo. The scene ends with a couple of minutes of close up gooey spread pussy in your face.

Scene 4

Exploratory Dig. 3:33

Amber sticks her ass in the air and offers it up for a quick little exploratory dig through her private parts. We get a few fingers in there to spread her vagina open and shine a little tube light inside.

Scene 5

Liquid Release. 1:20

Amber takes a pee and then douches her pussy out squatting in the bathtub. We move right in close until you can see a crystal clear view of her pee hole in action. Amber has fun with the douche squirting it out of her vagina a couple of times.?