033 Venus

034 Helena

035 Kylie

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

There's little doubt that Helena's ass is definitely her best asset and we point the camera accordingly throughout most of this video. While there's not so much really hard core stuff or anal insertion it is still the ultimate video for those who love gazing up a beautiful curvy ass. It's jam packed with ass views of all kinds including lots of ass in motion action.

Scene 1

Red Panties. 10:55

This scene starts out with mostly a lot of panty tease in the red outfit followed by some really close up views up her naked ass as she tickles her anus with her fingernail. There's perhaps a couple of moments where she didn't quite know what to do with herself yet we still get some great views.

Pussy Play. 18:46

We follow close behind Helena's ass and observe her rolling curves as she crawls across the floor. Next Helena sticks her ass in the air and we lodge your face firmly up her crack for several long periods of time while she thoroughly fiddles with her pussy. It's a perfect perspective for examining how her pussy lips bulge around her probing fingers. At the end Helena gives you some nice spread vagina views and she dabbles her finger in her gaping vagina making sloppy noises.

Scene 2

Helena's Ass Show. 9:31

Helena puts on a beautiful ass show with her ass parked right on top of your face for most of this clip. It's mostly just a whole lot of ass fiddling, bend over poses, anus views, and wiggling and jiggling with a few slow motion action bits thrown in for good measure.

Squirming on a dildo. ITC Favorite 12:55

In the second half of this scene Helena has her first experience with a rubber vibrator / dildo. It's pretty obvious that she loved it 'cause she totally soaked it with her creamy girl juice. We held the dildo in place so she could just ride her ass up and down on it while lying on her front. It's a totally gorgeous view with her ass curves jacking up and down and all her creamy vaginal secretions oozing out around the dildo.

Scene 3

Ass on the move. ITC Favorite 11:12

Have you ever been in the gym and been completely mesmerized by some girl's bum on the treadmill? The problem is you really can't take a good look. We got tired of trying to get good walking ass shots in a confined space so we decided to get the girls on a treadmill. Now you can really gawk all you want right up close at those gorgeous undulating mounds flaunting themselves. This is the ultimate if your thing is ass in motion ogling. You can soak your brains in the constant hypnotic rhythm of walking bum cheeks for eleven minutes straight. In the first part Helena does a light jog but we think it looks better after she slows down and walks slow and sexy. There's even a fairly long slow motion section that is fabulous for accentuating every little wiggle and thoroughly showing off the motion of her ass.

Scene 4

Wet Helena. 6:16

The general idea of this scene is lots of soap, water, and ass. Helena rolls around in the tub for a while and then stands over your face and soaps up. We pour water down her back and you view the stream flowing down over her bum cheeks and through her crack.