035 Kylie

036 Chrissy

037 Amber

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Chrissy is perhaps a little quiet through much of this video, however, there is some really good stuff in many places.

Scene 1

Pretty in Pink. 13:11

Chrissy poses and teases in the pink dress and white panties (seen in top pictures). Don't expect a whole lot of breathless action here. There's perhaps a few brief moments of inactivity as she didn't know what to do with herself. This clip is comprised primarily of some great up the skirt views and tease followed by a super close up bum hole view as she tickles her anus with her fingernail and then a nice pussy and ass spread in your face.

Double Digit Spread. 9:56

Now Chrissy lies back on the couch and takes care of the serious business of showing off her pussy. For the great majority of this clip your viewing perspective is 2 inches away from her gaping pussy with her face in the background as she uses 2 fingers to split her lips open. You can see her creamy juice gathering around her fingers and you'll love the way her lips bulge around her fingers.

Scene 2

Make Up Brush. 6:47

Skip this clip if you just want the hardcore action. Much like the first clip from scene 1 it is primarily tease followed by a nice ass up spread in your face. At first you see Chrissy touching up her make up. Her make up brush manages to find it's way up her vagina while she stands over you face with one leg up. She poses for a while on top of the dresser then goes to the bed and spreads her goods in your face.

Lumpy Toy. ITC Favorite 10:26

Next Chrissy entertains us with a lumpy ribbed dildo that snags inside her pussy and moves in and out in a jerky motion. For a good long time Chrissy moves the dildo in and out really slowly so you can ogle her lips oscillating around the ribs of the dildo. Several times she pulls the dildo all the way out to let her creamy juice well up and spew out of her vagina. Towards the end she speeds thing up dramatically causing her pussy lips to flap around the dildo as she gets herself off.

Poking her Bum. 3:53

Now Chrissy flips over with her ass in the air and we dabble a little rubber dildo in her ass hole. There is no deep insertion. We limit this to shallow dabbling so you see more anus and less dildo. It's almost entirely in close up view.

Scene 3

Flexing the Bum Hole. 1:01

This was supposed to be a pee scene but like many girls she got stage fright and just couldn't do it. Normally we might ditch this kind of footage except that there is some interesting bum hole action happening here. You see Chrissy's anus flexing and bulging out ass she tries to pee. There's not much else happening but it's something different if you like flexing bum holes.

Scene 4

Exercise Dildo. 10:26

Chrissy poses on the couch wearing a chain bikini. The chain looks surprising good in her crack and she stands over your face for a while showing it off. After she drops her bikini bottom she mounts a suction dildo stuck to an exercise bike and rides it over your face. You have a superb view looking straight up her ass as she slides up and down the shaft of the dildo. Her ass hole is front and center repeatedly riding up and down into your face with a nice drip of girl goo running down the shaft of the dildo.