034 Helena

035 Kylie

036 Chrissy

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Scented Panties. 22:39

This long scene is great entertainment for panty lovers, which is not to say there's nothing explicit here. There's a little bit of everything here including panty tease, novelty insertion, masturbation with fingers and toys and some spread vagina views. Kylie wags her tail in your face wearing see through panties. Then a little pink dildo appears out of her pussy and she plays with it both under and through her panties. She makes sure to rub her panty crotch thoroughly into her pussy before she takes them off to have a good sniff. But Kylie wants to get an even better sniff of her girlie bits so she stuffs her panties right up her vagina until they disappear and lets them soak for a while. We get a great close up view up her spread pussy with the panties buried up there marinating before she slowly pulls them out to sniff and lick again. She continues to savor her soiled panties while she pumps her pussy with a dildo to get off. At the end there's about 2 minutes of extreme close up gaping vagina views.

Scene 2

Kylie takes a Hike. 9:17

This is basically a bikini workout in your face as Kylie shows off her ass on the stepper machine and the treadmill. She wears her bikini bottom for about 3 quarters of the scene so don't expect to see too much explicit stuff here. What you can expect is a whole lot of ass wiggling in your face. Towards the end of the scene we do get really close to her naked ass so you can actually see up her crack while she's walking. In the latter half of the scene Kylie is walking beside a mirror. With the right angle you can watch her ass wiggle in your face and see her face in the background at the same time.

Scene 3

Pussy Food. 14:35

Kylie gets on the kitchen floor with a plate full of fruits and vegetables, gets a little confused as to where they're supposed to go, and proceeds to stuff them all up the wrong end of her body. She slides cantaloupe slices all through her crack before actually eating them, pries her pussy open with 2 celery sticks, practices giving birth to roma tomatoes, and finally pumps her pussy to an orgasm with a giant cucumber. The scene ends with a few nice spread vagina views. There might be some occasional lapses in intensity/inspiration but it's still a fun scene to watch.

Scene 4

Clean Up. 4:52

This might be like any other bathtub scene but for the fact that you are right in the tub with her for most of the clip gazing upon her pretty bits at water level. She gets on all fours to stick her ass in your face for a while. There's a fabulous view up her ass while she's lying on her side with her ass halfway out of the water.

Stuck to the Tub. 5:26

Kylie sticks a suction dildo to the edge of the tub and you watch her ass riding up and down on the dildo from the floor angle view.

Lotion Rub Down. 4:05

This scene ends with Kylie standing over your face rubbing great gobs of lotion all over her ass.