354 Lexa

355 Amia Moretti

356 Luscious Lopez

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Mia Pretty Teenie. 8:42

Tiny teen Amia does her strip tease in front of a beautiful colorful pool setting. You will soon see that her perky little titties are quite flawless. The little white shorts come off to reveal that she wears a beautiful pair of sparkly red panties that outline her ass crack nicely. There is only a brief bit of full nudity at the end with no close up of the girlie bits. This clip is recommended for the nice panty views and for a good look at her youthful firm titties.

The Ass is always Leaner on the Smother side. 5:57

Now with Amia standing completely naked we park your face directly under her bare pussy and ass for a decent inspection of her girlie places. There's quite a lot of ass fondling, jiggling and bouncing throughout this clip. Her ass might be quite slender yet it still has nice curves and a tight little jiggle. We get right up in her ass crack at times giving you a detailed view of her lovely anus.

Moretti for Action. 8:08

Amia gets down on all fours on the deck chair to show some great bend over pussy and ass views. After a short time she starts squeezing her lips together and they look surprisingly plump for a skinny girl. Later she turns over onto her back with her legs spread high in the air and she starts masturbating using her fingers. Her moist pussy glistens nicely in the sunlight. Her position lying back with her knees up and together creates a beautiful bumscape of girlie curves with plump pussy lips sandwiched between her closed thighs while her hand pokes through to fondle her pussy.

Twat a Treat. ITC Favorite 9:29

The setting gets even more colorful now as Amia uses a bright blue and red popsicle shaped dildo. It doesn't quite fit in her tiny pussy but she dips it in about one inch deep. Even though the popsicle dildo doesn't really work for her it does look especially suitable to her youthful look and the colorful setting. She later moves on to a little red vibrator and she she brings her knees up and together again showing her beautiful bumscape of girlie places as she squirms and vibrates her pussy to a climax. At the end you see her flawless little anus squeezing in and out while she retains her ideal knees up position with beautiful curves in her youthful undercarriage.

A Natural Piss Asster. 1:21

Amia takes a pee while leaning back with her ass on the edge of a step and her legs high in the air. She quickly wipes the pee off her ass at the end. Unfortunately she is wearing some not so nice sun glasses in this clip so you do not see her eyes.