355 Amia Moretti

356 Luscious Lopez

357 Zara

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Big Round Tubs. 10:22

The monster curves of Luscious Lopez certainly fill out her tight blue dress to the maximum. The dress soon comes off to reveal a beautiful blue bra and panty set that is color coordinated with her dress and her eye shadow. She spends some time wobbling her big ass in the air and spreading it in your face while the thong is still on. Then the bra comes off and she shakes her boobs around in the air. When her panties come off they get stuck hanging between her legs as the crotch get buried in her butt crack but they finally fall to the floor when she spread her ass. There's an especially nice nude full body front side view showing her incredible wide curves. The clip finishes with more ass wobbling and spreading with her naked bits all out in the open.

A Real Clit Hanger. 7:06

Luscious sits on the edge of the bathtub to masturbate with her pussy hanging over the edge and your perspective from low down under her pussy with her face in the background. You get a really decent close up view with her pussy filling your entire screen and her large clitoris standing out prominently. She gets pretty noisy as the masturbation reaches a climax. You see some very interesting muscle contractions in her open vagina as she calms down after her climax.

The Smother of all Butt Holes. 7:46

Luscious now turns around to sit the other way on the edge of the bathtub with her bare ass hanging out over the edge of the tub. We focus the attention straight up her ass from underneath with monster curves ready to smother and swallow your face. There's lots of big ass spreads and anus muscle flexing. We shove your face right up into her ass crack for an extreme close up anus ogle with every crease and detail seen crystal clear at sniffing distance. In the last portion she trickles water all down her ass while you continue to watch from below.

A Nude Dish Washer. 13:21

Luscious now gets right in the bath to pose and frolic in the water. It's pretty softcore at first with some nice poses showing her amazing curves. Then she bends over with her ass in the air and we move in for some more graphic pussy and ass views. For a while she just trickle soapy suds and water down her ass followed by a bit of butt bobbing action in the water line. Later comes a dribble of creamy white liquid soap down her ass and a jug of water to rinse it all off. The best portion of this clip is all bend over posing with her glistening ass in the air as water pours over her mountainous ass cheeks.